Crazy Man Blames Eli Manning For Violent Attack On Random Pedestrians

Eli Manning has had a pretty rough week.

Not only has the two-time Super Bowl MVP quarterback been benched in favor of rookie Daniel Jones but he’s also been blamed by a crazy dude who randomly attacked pedestrians.

Per NY Post:

A deranged man charged with hate-crime attackson Manhattan pedestrians blamed Eli Manning for his rampage, according to newly released court papers.

“This is Eli Manning’s fault. He is sending white crackers to beat me up,” Todd Lyons allegedly told detectives Aug. 24th of the seven-victim spree. “I hate white cracker mother f–king white crackers.”

He slugged a 58-year-old man in the face in Chelsea then yelled, “Get the –k out of here you f–king honky! You don’t belong here!” The victim suffered a split lip and a bloody nose.

The deranged man — known as Todd Lyons pleaded not guilty on Thursday at his arraignment on 16 counts of attempted assault as a hate crime.

No word yet on how this is Eli’s fault but according to this crazy dude, it is.