Eli Manning Starting At QB For The Giants Somehow Makes Their Betting Odds Worse

The NFL season is days away and that means many people are getting their final bets in for their season predictions as well as Week 1.

BetOnline.ag, one of the most popular sports books on the Internet shared a breakdown at the way quarterback availability affects weekly point spreads:

For example, when Patrick Mahomes is available (and starting), he’s worth 7 points in favor of the Kansas City Chiefs. Mahomes, has the second biggest effect of any quarterback in the NFL and trails only Aaron Rodgers, who’s worth 7.5 points.

At the bottom of the list, where the least-helpful quarterback’s are listed is Eli Manning, who is so bad that he actually loses a point for his team’s point spread.

Yes, the Giants’ betting odds are worse when Eli Manning is starting for them:

The Giants have already named Eli Manning their Week 1 starter when they travel to Dallas to take on the Cowboys.