Jimmy Garoppolo Threw Five Straight Interceptions In Practice

This is really, really bad.

During Wednesday practice, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo threw five — yes, five consecutive passes that were intercepted:

49ers coach Kyle Shanahan was asked about this horrible stretch for Jimmy G:

He threw it to the wrong team five plays in a row, I was a defensive coach today, so I was pumped. But no, the defense did great today and obviously he struggled.

You hope to never have a day like that, but I don’t think it’s never not happened to anyone. When you do that, you hope you can practice long enough and give him a chance to play out of it and use it as an opportunity that hopefully you can do in a game.

Hopefully you don’t have five in the game, but you can play yourself out of two in a row or something like that.

Wednesday was San Francisco’s last practice before traveling to Denver to take part in joint practices with the Broncos on Friday and Saturday.

The 49ers will play Denver on Monday night, when Garoppolo is expected to make his preseason debut, his first on-field appearance since tearing his ACL in September.