Man Arrested For Attempted Murder After Shooting Friend During LSU-Alabama Argument

Sometimes people take sports way too seriously.

This was the case for a couple of fans who tuned into last Saturday’s LSU-Alabama game. According to a report from ABC 33/40, one man was shot and another was arrested for attempt murder over an argument the two had over the big SEC game.

Via ABC 33/40:

Christopher A. Honey, 51, was charged with attempted murder after allegedly shooting the victim, who was not named, in the neck and back of his head, according to the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office.

Mr. Honey and the victim were at a house watching the Alabama and LSU game. Then, a verbal fight started between the men.
Honey loaded a shotgun with a bird shot shell and shot at the victim as he was walking away.
Police said alcohol is believed to be a factor in the incident.

Honey was arrested and charged with Attempted Murder, Assault II, Unlawful Use of a Weapon and Menacing.

The sheriff’s office also said that he had an outstanding warrant for DUI and driving with a suspended license.