Nats Fan Who Took Home Run To The Gut While Protecting Beer Gets Free Tickets To Game 6

A Nationals fan went viral this weekend for sacrificing his body for the greater good – beer.

Jeff Adams, who is now an internet legend found himself double fisting two Bud Lights during Game 5 of the World Series between the Nationals and Astros in Washington D.C, when all the sudden, a home run ball came flying his way.

Adams opted to take the ball, which left the ball at over 100 MPH, to the stomach, and didn’t drop a drop of beer.

Between the videos and images of the incident, Budweiser earned an estimated $7 million in free advertising, and to pay their respect to the man who loved their beer too much to put it down, they’re sending Adams to Game 6 of the Fall Classic in Houston. 

That bruise is going to fell just a tad less painful now…