REPORT: Jon Gruden Actually Approved Use Of Secret Phone Conversation In Antonio Brown’s Video

Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

This story keeps getting more bizarre.

According to the producer of Antonio Brown’s hype video, Jon Gruden had no problem with AB using a private phone conversation between the two in the video.

This is good news for Brown, who could face some serious ramifications if he did not get Gruden’s approval to record him.

Here’s the full clip via The Dan LeBatard Show:

“My whole thing the entire time when we were waiting for Gruden’s response was that Gruden’s gonna be like, ‘Listen, AB, I love you, man. But that’s disrespectful. I can’t be having you post our own conversations,’” Narciso said. “Which is the response that I think anyone would think was gonna happen. And then, he responds like 15 minutes later. Three texts. He goes, ‘’Wow. I love it! Loved it! I love it!’

“And I was like, ‘What?!’ And we were like, ‘All right. There’s our consent.’”

Gruden was one of the few people that really stuck up for Antonio Brown. On many occasions, Gruden said Brown was “misunderstood.”

To allow Brown to share a private conversations shows how far Gruden went to try and make this work.