All 32 NFL Team’s Uniforms Redesigned by Mr. Design Junkie


In light of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers receiving an overhaul of their logos and helmets, we are sharing Mr. Design Junkie‘s redesign of every NFL team’s uniform; pants, helmet, jersey-everything!

Needless to say, they’re pretty sick. Many of his designs have actually come to life as multiple South Florida Youth football teams have taken up on the digital creations. The Denver Broncos were even circulated in rumors last year of considering their design for a uniform makeover.

You can find more of his work on his Facebook page.

Which design is your favorite? Leave a comment in the comment box down below!
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  1. These schemes suck total ass. If i wanted my NFL to look like European futball, I’d just cut my balls off and throw them in the bushes outside. Leave the uniforms alone. Jesus.

    • Yeah, except that “European football” jerseys don’t look bizarrely weird like that. I’m not sure on that point you seem to be making, but these do suck ass.

        • yeah, but Chelsea is owned by a Russian and anything Russians come up with is bound to be insane. For the most part, unis in European football are painfully classic in a very good way or completely generic crap. They rarely go like Oregon crazy or anything.

  2. Sorry Mr. Design, you messed up the Colts jerseys. Everyone knows that you are not supposed to have the horseshoe upside down or the luck will run out.

  3. The problem with one person redesigning… logos or uniforms is that they takes one concept and expand it out to the entire league. That would never happen. Each team has their own flavor and style for a reason and it keeps it distinct. All of these are in the same style and from an overall composition standpoint is just bad.

    • Its all about $$$. if the team,league and players can make MORE money, they will do it. And the cost will sky rocket higher than now. If they take away the Registered trademarks and make an even scale it could keep cost down. If it is trade marked force them to Manufacture in US. That should have happened before Trade Marks were given. Not one is made in US. Thank You Nike,Reebok,Adidas, etc.

  4. Bears are BLUE with orange accents, not the other way around. And with all the great graphics options for the team you pick a giant “B” that’s not even in a team font? Oh – and where is the GSH?

  5. The Washington Redskins jersey is almost “Redskins” Neutral, especially with the big “DC” on the front. Hinting at name-change compromise?

  6. It really doesn’t seem like there is much design to the outfits honestly. It really seems like he is just enlarging the logos to cover most of the jersey and pants and then laying basic color down on the helmets. A redesign would actually require a new design of the logo and also call for different patterns to the uniforms, jerseys, pants and even cleats.

  7. REALLY like the dolphins, jets, cardinals, chargers and steelers. colts, titans, ravens, bears and vikings could be better. i think the titans is my least favorite. overall VERY impressive!!!

  8. rams and eagles jeresy are alright, patriots too, ….not sure about the rest, mixed feelings of well need some redesigning, while the Buccaneers jeresy on second thought looks alright too,

  9. Some look good but I would like to see how some look double digit cause some of these designs dont look like they would have enough room.. as we all know there’s not to many players with single digits

  10. Sorry, but these blow. No subtlety or simple aesthetic, just spamming contrast and oversized logos. It works for some teams like Patriots and Chargers but overall, pretty terrible.

  11. I don’t like these. I’m glad the Patriots definitely will not be going for this. These look like they’re trying to be ‘swaggy’ when the current jerseys of most teams are classy. Let’s keep them classy

  12. I thought I would hate most of these but most are actually really cool. Adds some flair to the average, fairly boring NFL jersey. My Giants have one of the worst ones though.

  13. how is this guy a designer? he doesn’t even know what the team’s colors are.. lmao god these are bad

  14. they look like Chalkline jackets from the 1990’s. Sorry, but try again. take a page from the guys doing hockey concepts, stay familiar, but updated.

  15. Pretty funny. Must have taken a long time to come up with a really crappy design for each of the 32 teams. Do you work for Nike? Conceptually they are not horrible, just the execution. Chargers and Cardinals kinda work. Sorry to be a d!&# about it. I just don’t want the NFL looking at this thinking you are on to something.

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  17. Yikes. A designer did not design these. Formulaic without nuance for individual teams or mascots. Loud– noisey, garish and loud. Unconventional merely for the sake of being unconventional.

  18. for the colts one you should have made the jersey blue with a horseshoe ( right side up ) across the chest at an angle and on the back and then a fully blue helmet with just the players number ( kind of like alabama has )

  19. These are shitty. Too many with just primary colors. In all of football history, I’m pretty sure the Seahawks have gone neon

  20. these are terrible. just slapping logos and fonts on a flat model. I can do that too. Heck, an 8 year old could do it.