Compilation Of Hilariously Sad Reactions Of Vikings Fans After Missed Kick

It has to be tough to be a Vikings fan. After sitting in a seat for 4 hours in -9 degree weather, you get knocked out of the playoffs after having it in your grasp.

Blair Walsh missed a kick with seconds remaining that was an apparent chip shot from 27 yards, but it seemed as if those pesky laces got it the way.

As soon as the pigskin shanked off to the left, we were just waiting for the reaction videos to surface. From having a bad vantage point and thinking the kick went through the uprights, to smashing a speaker through a glass table, here are the best hilariously sad reaction videos, courtesy of Vikings fans.


    • And know how we Giants fans felt this season. Those seven games having the lead with about 45 seconds left while we were winning.

    • Reaching the Super Bowl twice in two years and winning one of them is a tad better consolation, I’d say.

      Also, wanting to win back to back Super Bowls is a tad more knowingly greedy than wanting to win just one playoff game.

      • Uhm… Every team wants to win the Super Bowl every year… Greedy? Lol Sit down Seattle. You had yer turn…hey! You cant go to another Super Bowl until Minnesotas had a playoff victory!! You bastards are so selfish… Ya know? ROFL

        • Every team wants to, but they don’t expect to. It’s unrealistic, unlike say winning a playoff game every once in a while.

          I’m just stating facts. No fan can sit there and feel self pity at not winning back to back super bowls. It’d be ridiculous.

          I like the Vikings and hope they do well.

          • Yes… It is unrealistic to expect to… However no one “expected to”. It is afeat very few teams have accomplished… Just returning to the Super Bowl, especially in modern day football. But the Seahawks are one of a few teams right now that have the talent and ability to make a push at the Super Bowl…

            Having a team capable of going to the Super Bowl and not doing evreything they can to do so when the owner pays them millions of dollars for one thing… To win the frickin Super Bowl. Just cuz a team cant possibly win a Super Bowl in a given year doesnt mean it isnt evry teams hope and goal to do so every year. And the fans of the franchise SHOULD want their team to do whatever they can to do that.

            For goodness sake, until 2005 the Seahawks hadnt had a team capable of making it to the Super Bowl since 1983… And that team DIDNT make it to the Super Bowl. U never know how long its gonna take to compile a team capable of winning a championship and even then, keep that team together enuff to keep competing… and the Seahawks have the nucleus to compete NOW. I know after the 2005 Hawks went to the Super Bowl I thought for sure theyd be in the SB conversation for years to come. And thi they had a couple mire good teams the following years… They began a downward slide… Losing players to other teams, or retirement. That sucks if you havent had the pleasure of winning a Super Bowl or even having playoff success. But just because the Vikes have been post season disappoinments and all u want is a mere playoff victory doesnt mean Seahawk fans, Patriot fans, Steeler fans,Giants fans or any other fans of teams that have had playoff success the last couple decades should lower their expectations cuz YOU think its selfish.

            If yer suggesting Seahawk fans (or ANY football fan for that matter)shouldnt hope and want their team to go to and win the Super Bowl… Yer insane. Thats the sole purpose of an NFL team. Its why the fans root for their team. Even if Im rooting for my team even if I know they arent going… That doesnt mean its not what I want. You want the Vikings merely to win a playoff game? Perhaps u and the organization should strive for more. Perhaps if yals bar was higher the Vikes may have had more playoff success since the NFL-AFL merger. Theyve certainly had a few teams that looked like contenders only to end in disappointment. But I… As a Seahawk fan endured decades of losing and ridicule for backing a team that looked like annual basement dwellers… Theyre in the middle of a great run… I want them to go to and win the Super Bowl EVERY YEAR… even when its not realistic. You call it selfish? I call it the point. Thats the only thing theyre playing for… Theres no such thing as small victories and moral victories at the end of the day. If they come up short in a given year… or theyve come out on the losing end of the lucky stick…or its time to rebuild and it hits the years of waiting to become competetive again.. Then I will root for them still. But if you dont think for a second that the goal isnt to return to the Super Bowl… Again EVERY year.

            I think u should go talk to some football fans at yer local sports .. Not yer friends or family… But strangers that are non bias. You ask em if they were to win the championship that year… Would that suffice or would they want to go back the next year. Cuz its not selfish to want to put a historic stamp in football history… Theres only been 50 Super Bowls. Rarely is a team gifted enough to make it back… Its proof positive that the team not only has talent, but the heart to keep that competetive edge. You go to that bar or whatever and perhaps we can pick this conversation back up. You are of course free to feel however YOU like… But I support my team cuz I want them to win.. And I want them to win the championship. EVERY F-ING YEAR.


            Get off your high horse and put on your reading glasses once in a while, before you write me a novel based on completely misunderstanding my post.

          • All these Viking fans are MISSING the point. Our arms are open WIDE to them. We know how they feel. I hope there aren’t any more negative comments LEFT.

          • Ok… My bad… I will admit that faux pas… However, if youre a Seahawks fan(and by that I mean a true blue that knows how low this franchise sunk due to Ken Behring… If u know I neednt say anything more than that) then you should appreciate what this team has managed to do… And continue to do. This is not the same team that won Super Bowl 48… Some of the guys, like Wilson for example, have evolved their game and are far better than that year. But no Beast mode… No O line… The dramatic loss in defensive depth, especially at corner. These dogs keep fighting despite the naysayers and those that think they CANT return. YOU may not be a Vikings fan… But most of what I said still holds true… Did u read what I said? Cuz again… This is the ONLY thing they play for as a team… And despite my undying support(even in the Behring years) the only thing I truly want for my Hawks… AGAIN call me selfish… BUT… I said it before and I am going to say it again… You are frickin dellusional and insane if it isnt what u hope and want for this team every year… ESPECIALLY when its a realistic expectation.

            The window for a roster to have championship aspirations can close so frickin fast.. Youd think youd appreciate it more. Im glad u pointed out yer a Hawks fan… Cuz its even worse that yer suggesting we should “give someone else a chance” and not want our team to nit just be Super Bowl 48 champions… But do something special and carve out the Seahawks as being one of the best decade teams ever. Disgraceful man… Call yerself a fan? Rawls? And with that mentality? You musta jumped on this bandwagon and dont know what it is to watch the team for damn near 40 years. Not knowin that yer a fan even in 2-14 years and that there is “always next year” cuz thats the only frickin bright light there is… And before u say that thats yer point… Theres always next year… No… This is where u need to reevaluate. Yer totally taking for granted how frickin special this team is and how great it is to be a fan.

            Inevitably the Seattle Seahawks will hit a low point again. Where players have aged, the roster of all pro type players are gone and were rebuilding again… And to assume that we’ll ever have it as great as we have had the last 3 or 4 years.. Having a team that has this much heart and commerotery. You are a frickin fool. Enjoy this ride while it lasts and appreciate that these guys wanna earn their fans respect and that winning “A” championship isnt enough.

            As for u Rawls… Again, u go to that sports bar and talk to some other football fans. U tell em that yer a Seahawks fan and that u think we should pity teams like the Vikings that cant get a playoff win and that we are being selfish to want to go to the SB (or think we should.. Or want to… Whatever yer stating exactly… Semantics). I can guarantee one of two things will happen…Theyll tell u “yea… Thats a good way to be… Good for u thats some real sportsmanship” pat ya on the back and snicker. Or theyll look right at u and say “uh, are u crazy? ‘I’ want my team to win every year!”… Or perhaps both. But by all means, u preach on man… Spread the good word. We as fans shouldnt want the one thing that we hope for our franchise every year. Ill tell my friends from now on… “Meh… I dont mind if we dont go to the Super Bowl this year. Winning a couple years back… And ya know… Just to even get there last year is good enough. Ya… im good” GTFO!!

          • Jesus another 60 page novel that has nothing to do with anything I said. I do want to win another Super Bowl. I do think what the team is pulling off is incredible. All I said was, and let me spell it out for you to see if you finally understand:


            Get it now???

          • NO… i dont think I do… Cuz the bottom line is you said it was being selfish… And you therefore were being dellusional. Get that? There… Short and truncated for your better comprehension. Heh

          • Um, that makes no sense. Yes, I said it was selfish, and it is. There’s absolutely wrong with that? It’s like you fixated on one word in my entire post.

            What I said, and you completely failed to comprehend, is that just because we’re THAT selfish/ambitious and definitely want to win every Super Bowl, that doesn’t mean it hurt us more to make two and win one, than what happened to the Vikings, where their playoff dreams were crushed yet again after years and years of trying to advance, let alone win a Super Bowl. So we need no pity – the disappointment in the Vikings losing and failing to advance in the playoffs yet again is not really comparable to our situation of winning three championships in two years.

          • Yeah… AGAIN… They achieved more than expected and their rebuild is coming along faster than expected. Look no further than the fact that no one seems to be backing you to realize you are wrong…

          • Yeah, AGIN, I never said they didn’t. You keep making up arguments that no one made, and arguing with ghosts in your head.

            No one is backing me? How about the entire heartbroken Vikings fan base who is hurting right now and would laugh hysterically at anyone suggesting they should feel more sorry for *us* for making it to back to back Super Bowls without winning one?

            Jesus you’re dense. You completely misunderstood my argument and now you’re just grasping at straws. Get a grip.

          • Dude theres Viking fans that have come in here and havent once chimed in. Simple. The entire heartbroken Viking fanbase? Lol Where? No ones said a damn thing except you. Or how about these other trolls that come in here and say nothing. I get upticks… U dont. Pretty easy to deduce. You are the kind of bandwagon loser that gives us real fans a bad name. Habe ya noticed the few Seahawks fans that have chimed in dont come to your defence one iota? Cuz youre a dellusional yutzoid. Seriously… How lame do you have to be to substantiate how right you think you are by merely saying “see yer basically saying Im right”? U R A LOSER!

          • Step 1: Find a Vikings fan.
            Step 2: Ask him what’s worse, to not make the Super Bowl in 30 years and to never win one, or to win one and lose one in back-to-back Super Bowl appearances.

            Then we’ll never have to talk again, because you’ll have realized what a complete moron you are.

          • Lol Funny… So… i point out that I have people in here backing me up… None for you despite having some Vikings fans coming in here and you want me to go out and find someone and talk to them? Wait a minute… That sounds oddly familiar too… Didnt I suggest you go talk to people about this situation as well? Hmmm thats twice now you tried throwing what I said to you against me. Well, you know what they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery. However you do again continue down your road of dellusion since youre trying to use my statements and suggestions I make to you against me but then question my eduation and thus my intelligence. Yeah… Try again loser. Notice how you continue to dig a hole for yourself? Heh

          • Nope, I honestly don’t. You keep telling yourself that though, if it helps you cope with your obvious mental deficiency.

            Let me know when you’re man enough to ask anyone, not just Vikings fans, what’s easier to cope with: winning 3 championships in two years, or winning ZERO in 30 years. I’ll be waiting. Retard.

          • Lol which team won 2 championships in 3 years… Pressures getting to ya huh? Getting bitter arent we? LOL Further validation I hit a nerve (and the nail on the head) when I called out your bandwagoner ass. Trash

          • Wow… just… wow. Read it again, dumbass? I said three championships in two years. Two Halas and one Lombardi. God could you possibly be any more stupid?

            You know, nobody’s forcing you to keep digging and look more and more mentally retarded with every post you make. You should just stop embarrassing yourself.

          • That WOULD be 2 in 3… AND 3 in 3 loser… It was a typo nob LOL and werent you the one whining about being on a phone when the grammar police came calling? ROFL Going back to the well of the same insults too? Clearly your thesaurus of a brain runs deep with ideas. Heh But clearly I am the one with mental issues heh Not very PC of you either btw

          • …closer to 40 years btw on the Super Bowl appearances… But I do find it funny that I called u out on being a poser bandwagon fan and youve yet to answer any of my questions. I gave you plenty of time to do so… You have respond in a fairly timely manner on my other comments. So, clearly youre either dodging or youre attempting to compile information to answer said questions so as to cover yer ass for being a poser bandwagoner. Too late loser… Quit giving us True Blue fans a bad name. Youre one of those losers that toot the accomplishments of the Hawks but know nothing of their history and didnt endure any of their misfortunes. GTFO! You are garbage! Trash!!! Kenny Easely fave player… Hawks beating the Elway led Broncos on a last second FG in 94(one of only 2 bright spots in a 2-14 year… The other is Cortez Kennedy getting defensive player of the year)… We want the ball and we’re gonna score(not THE most painful after the SB but its pretty bad…) yea… You have ZERO credibility Rawls… Yer name alone speaks volumes of how much of a true fan you are…

          • I have no idea what questions you’re talking about. You’ve written 13 novels full of blabbering text that’s completely irrelevant to any points I made, so perhaps I skipped that part. My original point was simple:

            It feels better to win 3 championships in 2 years than to win zero in 30. Knock yourself out trying to contradict that. I’m sure all your supposed “upticks” help, because we all know that’s how life works and how correctness is determined.

          • I aint ever gonna pity our opponents… The only way for us to win a game… Is if we beat whomever is in front of us. The only way ya win the championship is to get there. Awww poor Minnesota worked so hard and… Blah blah blah. The Hawks are one of the hardest working teams in the NFL. And many of em low end draft picks or undrafted at all. They earned our respect and you talk about selfishness. The ppint of sports is to [email protected]$!ing win. Love how yer only defense against what I say is “another 60 page” blah blah blah. I may be long winded but at least I make a compelling point. You on the other hand cant grasp the basic concept of sports. How long have you been a Seahawk fan btw? Whats yer favorite moment? Yer favorite player? Other than the Super Bowl 49 loss… Yer most painful moment as a fan? Huh Rawls?

          • And actually losing thr SB was worse than what happened to the Vikings. The entire nation was watching… More was on the line… we hadnt blown out the Patriots in the regular season(and thus many thought the Hawks would walk thru the Vikes)… And the simple fact of the matter is many felt this Hawks team would return to the SB… About half way thru the season with Lynch out and Graham struggling to aclimate to the offense… The oline failing to protect the QB, many gave up on Seattle… Including the experts. The Vikings were not expected to win thier division… Let alone win against Seattle. They overachieved… Losing the SB was worst. And again(starting to sound like a broken record) GTFO!!

          • Seriously?? Losing the Super Bowl at the last minute, with an interception, with the sports world watching, and the promise of a *big* paycheck wasn’t worse… people understand your post. You are just incorrect in your assessment.


            Nope. Most of these guys have rings, which most players in the NFL would kill for, and most of these guys were paid more than handsomely for it.

            If you want to argue that winning THREE championships in two years is somehow WORSE than winning ZERO championships in 30 YEARS, just because of the dramatic way in which it happened, be my guest. You’re 100% dead wrong and it’s comical you’d suggest it.

          • Great coaching, great scouting and dedicated players have brought the SeaHawks to the level they are at now. The chance to win back to back Super Bowls, and failing… a chance to be part of NFL history… more painful. When the Vikings pull everything together at the same time, then they get the *Thrill of Victory*. The agony of the lost *pinnacle* of your profession is greater than the agony of not even coming close.

          • You make some good points, but we’ll have to agree to disagree. In my opinion, and I think a large majority of people, winning a Super Bowl is in fact reaching that pinnacle, and so very few players ever get to experience that.

            If what you say is true, it wouldn’t be so common to see players switching teams right after winning a Super Bowl. They should be completely heartbroken by not being able to reach that pinnacle, yet they’re not.

            If your argument was that it’s more painful to lose the Super Bowl (the pinnacle) without having winning it just the year before, I’d be on board.

            In any case, I respect the validity of your argument. I was originally talking about the fans, not the players. In my personal case, I was able to cope with the loss popping in my Blu-Ray of the previous Super Bowl and remembering the feeling of winning it all under a year ago, and the thrill of three championships in two years. I really doubt the Vikings had such a consolation to take the sting away.

          • I was referring more to the pinnacle of achieving back to back SB wins. As a fan, that would be an incredible team legacy. And if you want to see a heartbreak team, I think the Bill’s fans need to be lauded for hanging in there! I watched many post game interviews, and the Vikings are a class act. Their time will come.Thanks for sharing your opinions

          • The Vikings expected to beat the Seahawks at home. They did…..and then shanked the kick.

            The Seahawks fans attribute this serendipity to their self-congratulating ghetto hero Richard Sherman getting a crack at an earlier 47-yard attempt ( lower trajectory), scaring the kicker. Nope! He just shanked it.

            Success has made the Seahawks fans absolutely insufferable.

            People want to write you these long replies because you’re an asshole. (I’ve read some of your posts).

          • Hey now… We should rally the 12s and get a petition going that the Vikings should go on in the playoffs in the Seahawks place. Rawls thinks its selfish for us to want to go to the Super Bowl again… Or rather that its unrealistic… Except of course its not… Ya know… Since our team is good and has the talent to do so. But hey.. All he wants is a victory. Cuz for whatever reason, be it luck… Or what have you, the Vikings find new ways to fail in the playoffs we shouldnt want our team to get to (nor win) another Super Bowl. Ibsuppose I should just sell my season tickets and not root for the Hawks until the zVikibgs get a chance… It just isnt fair heh Maybe he should take up FG kicking. Lol Sorry… Not (really) trying to be a troll… Just cant help jabbing when people say things on forums that make my IQ drop. Haha

          • Whut… I don’t think you understood anything I said, lol. Try reading again, this time with a special emphasis on reading comprehension.

            Do you even see my name? Ralws? As in Thomas Rawls? LOL.


            You can always tell an idiot on the Internet when they start going off on irrelevant childish tangents.

          • Yes, because these last two seasons with three championships and back-to-back Super Bowls have been SUCH a major disappointment. You’re right, poor little us, our life is so hard.

          • Lol… So… How exactly did what you just say have absolutely anything to do with the subject at hand? Move along troll, come back when you want to engage in the topic at hand… No one claimed the Hawks were or were not winning the Super Bowl. Try to keep up… LOL

          • Whose “we anyway”? You as an individual enjoy speaking for many? Lol Yea yea yea… Yer not a fan of the team in which is being discussed. My team won a Super Bowl wheres your ring? Blah blah blah. That enuff of a quick fix basic sports banter for ya? Lol You really signed up this account to contribute this lame contribution to the world? Please… I also wanted to add, even if youre prepared to engage in the conversation that IS being discussed, only do so if you can challenge I or anyone else beyond a second grade yammering sensibility. LOL Loser

          • ….and we Hawk fans will still be laughing at you next week as we advance while the Vikings watch the playoffs from their couches.

        • Sorry aicdragon29, but we really can’t wait for that long as nobody knows just how many decades it will take to have that happen.

          • Right? Oh… Wait… Its “selfish” Scott LOL We should feel pity for the Vikings apparently cuz at least we made 2… I dont personally invest time in the Seattle Seahawks to root for any other team other than the Seahawks. This cat Rawls (despite my multitude mentions of not caring about other teams) cant grasp that I(and most other fans) dont give a shite about other teams’ success or misfortunes AND I want our team to go EVERY year(realistic or not) And he thinks “Im” moronic and uneducated. ROFL

        • They’re not thinking about that at all. They first want to win a playoff game, then maybe make it to the big game, then maybe win it once. No Vikings fan is thinking about back to back championships at this time, when they haven’t won a conference championship in 40 years, or made it to one in 30.

          • Yes… You know how each member of that team feels. Im CERTAIN if you asked them if they were hoping to win a championship, theyd say “championship? What? Nah… We just wanna win a playoff game. Forget about the championship. Thats not what Ziggy Wylf pays these guys for… Try again. Again… FAIL

          • Um, like I said, they’d want to win a championship before even thinking of winning two. So you’re basically saying I’m right.

            Thanks for confirming you have the reading comprehension skills of a centipede.

          • Lol… No… i am certainly not saying youre right in any way shape or form. You suggested we were being selfish for wanting to win back to back championships and we should pity the Vikings for not being able to win a playoff game. You did not even attempt to suggest we should aim for 1 championship before thinking of a second one. You dont get to put a totally different spin on what u meant or what ya said after I systematically dissected yer lame attempts at combatting my argument. You cant jsut claim you meant one thing thats so diametrically opposed to what u said and just make pretend its what u meant. And u clearly couldnt comprehend most of what I said so I cant understand for the life of me how u can make pretend I validated anything you said. Btw… If yer gonna go to the well of trying to diss me, coming back with claims of my lack of comprehension after I clearly already threw that one at YOU is just a longwinded manner of saying “I know you are but what amI?” SO SO LAME man… No one likes you Rawls… thats why no one is backing you. The closest you gotten is people puffing up against the Seahawks. Yer a clownshoe… Get tossed.

          • Huh? You’re making zero sense with your novels. One team can take solace in knowing they just won a championship. The other can’t, that’s why it hurts more to lay on the side of the road yet again, which has been happening for 40 years.

            That’s all I’m saying and you’re yet again failing to understand. You really strike me as someone with very little education.

          • Losing in a championship is not soothed in the solace of having won the year before. OMFG and you have the nerve to question my education? What planet are you from? I can just imagine after the Super Bowl defeat… “Hey guys… Its ok… At least we have our rings from last year”… And another player can add “Oh ya man… And just to get here… What an accomplishment. Im good” G-T-F-O!!! Side note… im still gettin upticks… You? But I digress… Newsflash genius, whatvabout the players that came here hoping to win a championshil but WERENT on the squad for Super Bowl 48? Should they be happy just to be in the presence of the rings and trophy the boys won the year before. Apparently you believe we as fans should be satisfied having won the Super Bowl and feel bad for teams that cant get a win. I dont give two shites about the fans of other teams. I root for MY team. I dont care the success of another organization. You… Are… A … FOOL!

          • I never said it was completely soothed. I never said anybody should be HAPPY about losing. I said it’s EASIER on the soul to win THREE championships in two years, than it is to win ZERO. It’s like you were born without a brain.

          • Yes… Being born without a brain makes typing long diatribes a rather impressive feat no? ROFL Note I was being facitious with that inquiry… That was in no waumy affirmation to any of your querries or insinuations… Heh

          • Here… Truncated easy to understand version so I dont get th me lame comeback of how long my posts are…

            You said they want to just win a playoff game before thinking about winning TWO championships. Nope. The players wanna win a championship. To suggest theyre just hoping to win A playoff game is misguided AND dellusional. Granted I should be accustomed to yer inability to understand things… But heres to small miracles.

          • Oh, I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware that you didn’t know you needed to win a playoff game before you’re able to win a championship.

            I said players look to win a playoff game SO THAT they can win a championship. What they NEVER think about is winning two before they win one. THAT WAS MY ENTIRE POINT.

            This stuff is not that hard, man. Do you have a brain? And since when does being right depend on people posting to support you? It’s not like you’re you’re getting all these posts in your support. Buy yourself an ounce of logic, please.

          • Yutzoid… My point is youre claiming they aspire to win A playoff game. Thats not the goal going into a season… They do not aspire to merely win A playoff game. I a team thinks they CAN make the playoffs… They hope to make it to the Super Bowl… Not hope to win A playoff game.

          • >My point is youre claiming they aspire to win A playoff game.

            Nope. I said they aspire to win a playoff game so that they can continue on to their aspiration of winning a championship. All of this before they even consider winning back to back Super Bowls. I know you’re a little slow, but give me a break; try to keep up.

          • And as I said… Teams with playoff aspirations strive to make it to and win the Super Bowl… Not merely win a playoff game. You left that part out… And before you keep bitching about how many comments Im making etc… Someone whose uneducated nor has a brain could not possibly respond in such an expedient and lenghty manner could they? I suppose it is merely further affirmation that you are struggling to process such rudimentary information from such a simpleton like you suggest that I am… Whats this say about you then lol. Still avoiding the questions, which regardless of the volume of statements I made, shouldve been easy to have figured out by now… And regardless. I made clear reference to your name being an obvious testament to your band wagon nature… So even if your argument of having no idea what questions I was referring to being valid or not… In that simple and succinct statement you still lose all credibility as a Seahawks fan. Get back off and find another franchise to root for… Perhaps you should become a fan of the Vikings. According to you their entire heartbroken fanbase will totally stand by you. ROFL Please… Continue with your elementary jabs… Call me a retard or something of the like. Ive called you a bandwagon fan. Id sooner be mentally challeneged than continue to argue a losers battle and be a poser bandwagon fan like yourself. If youre going to attempt to hurt my feelings (fyi its not possible to upset me… Faceless keyboard warriors have no such power) get more creative. Like instead of a retard… How bout I call you a dellusional twat whose clearly delirious from either lack of oxygen to your brain, the sheer lack of IQ, or just because of either your hemmoraghing mangina or your bleeding rectal warts… See… Creative… Insulting AND its tied to your lacking in the brains department. I even gave you an out that suggests that youre not merely stupid but that perhaps its from your needing of a blood transfusion… Ya know… Cuz of the excessive blood loss youre suffering from your physical afflictions. Heh I can do this dance as long as you can.. And I promise you I can be far more creative than you can be. So mighty bandwagon fan of the mighty empire of keyboard warriors. Continue with your incessant “Im gonna tell aicdragon hes stupid and tell him hes proving my point… While continuously ignoring 90% of what he says. I can just claim he has no brain on top of saying hes retarded to compensate fornmy lack of comprehending what some of these big words hes using… Yeah… Thatll really get him”. LOL. Even if I could get upset… Isnt it unfortunate that it will still NEVER change that youre a bandwagoning poser? LOL YOU LOSE! Youre probably the reason Rawls got hurt… Jinxed him to didnt ya? Allright even I know thats reaching… But doesnt make it any less true. Hell it holds more validity than most of your arguments. I shall await what tired meanderings you shall “grace” my life with this time… Or what single minded opinions(ya know… Since no one is backing you at all) that you keep attempting to force as if your opinion trumps everyone elses lol But Im gonna go get some rest. Look forward to more kf your amusing machinations. LATES!

          • I also said teams with playoff aspirations strive to make it to the Super Bowl, by winning one game, then the next, then the next, until the championship. They don’t think about winning back to back Super Bowls without even making it past one playoff game. Very difficult concept to understand, I know. Keep trying and maybe you’ll get it.

            >Jinxed him to d idnt ya?

            Jinxed him to d idnt ya. This summarizes the quality of every comment you make. “HERP DERP I BETYA UR NOR VRY INTELLUGENT R YA” You really are a nutjob. Expedient and lengthy? How about completely plagued with grammar and spelling errors, and devoid of any logical reasoning whatsoever? A monkey can hit away at a keyboard, and it wouldn’t be that different from your “expedient and lengthy” diatribes.

            Call me when you’re able to argue that winning zero championships in 30 years is somehow less painful than winning three in two years. So far, you’ve failed miserably at proving me wrong, no matter how many names you call me. Just like a petulant child who knows he’s wrong.

          • LOL… there ya go again with the grammar thing. I too am typing on a phone. And didnt lil ol Rawls get mightily butthurt when someone called him out on his grammar. But lil Rawls got all kinds of TETCHY didnt he(not touchy… That is correct. “Tetchy”) when someone mentioned his grammar and spelling? But here ya go again attacking people with the same stuff ya read others using ROFL… Dude… I was all thinkin we had something special when u were slinging my own material at me. Now it appears its just yer MO… Damn. Lol Good gawd u are a pathetic skeeze. Return to yer pupil face until yer done cooking and perhaps youll advanced to the social butterfly you strive to become. Heh Oh and the petulant child would be the one incapable of doing other than calling people “retarded” and resorting to the same type of grammar police tactics you did, after you got so ultimately defensive over it… Lol Clearly “I” am the one challenged. Cant drudge up a better insult or something more substantial at me then huh? Disappointing. I sent to sleep thinking Id awake to something much more amusing. Im “almost” bored into returning to my slumber… You should market this many. Youll make some money in the seniors market. Lol

          • Sheesh… Ya know I did get so lulled into yer thing about the grammar, I almost forgot to call ya out again… Tho I know youll merely pluck one minute moment out of what I say to allegedly discredit me. But since still… NO ONE has backed you or even given you an uptick on anything… Well clearly it obvious what everyone else thinks of YOU. Ya…u NEVER fleshed out that idea that they would like to win one… Then the next and then the next culmijating with a championship. You said they are twanting to win. A playoff game. Period. I do also love that your summary judgment of my grammar violations were summed up on “jinxed him to d idnt ya?” as opposed to you misspelling your [email protected]$#!ng name… ROFL and yer herpa derpa… Ya… Much like I went to the “blah blah blah”… So again… Yer an unoriginal bastard lol

          • >Ya…u NEVER fleshed out that idea that they would like to win one… Then the next and then the next culmijating with a championship.

            I’ll quote myself:

            “They first want to win a playoff game, then maybe make it to the big game, then maybe win it once.”

            So yes, I did flesh out the idea. You’ve failed to use your brain again. Surprise, surprise.

            Let me know when you figure out how winning three championships in the last two years hurts more than nothing in 30 years. You just keep avoiding the point, because you know you’re wrong. Writing 20 pages of semi-random text does not change that.

          • Sigh… Anyone else getting bored with his drivel? Lather rinse repeat… I swear. Though one is entitled to jis or her own opinion, at no point in time has anyone backed anything youve said. I need no further proof of my intellectual dominance on this subject and youve done nothing to debunk the idealogy that you are a fricking bandwagoner. Called out and you deflect with rudimentary insults like the infantile bandwagon gutter trash that you are… The Hawks dont need fans like you. The stench you leave gives us all a bad name… Called you out on more than one occasion and you glomb onto “I said this” and “you didnt even read…” blah blah blah. Youve done nothing to substantiate that you have any knowledge of this franchise beyond the last couple of years… And as evidenced by your continuous attempts to redirect… You are a worthless fanboy who doesnt get the basics of why you root for a team… No… i dont pity the Vikings fans. I pity you… But please. Come back with your lame repartee about how unintelligible I am… Or whatever borish drivel your walnut sized brain can concoct. You are a lame ass bandwagon poser… Where I come from thems fighting words… But as defensive as you got over the tiniest of things(cuz you were called out on yer spelling!? AS an example LOL) yet you continuously let that roll right off of you… More telling than anything else you said. Garbage man… Just trash. Youre a disgrace and give real fans a bad name.

          • Jesus, your writing is insane. Idealogy? Jis? Glomb? Really? One thing is making a typo, another completely different thing is being so illiterate and stupid.

            Sure, call me a bandwagoner because I didn’t allow you to change the subject, after you were proven wrong. You’re as uncreative as they come. Did you think of that insult all by yourself? Or did you think to yourself “what’s the one thing that everyone calls Seahawks fans? That’s right! I’m going to use that against him! That should teach him!”

            LOL, just hilarious.

            At the end of the day we know who won this argument. The correct answer is that never winning hurts more than winning thrice in two years. I’m sorry you can’t grasp that.

            Enjoy your life, and enjoy spewing your 200 word diatribes anytime anybody questions your terribly faulty thinking. 3 > 0. I don’t need for some random person to come and “uptick” a statement like that to understand something so basic. I guess an uneducated hillbilly like you does. It’s all good.

          • Illiterate? Perhaps you need a dictionary if youre confused by my verbage. Good thing you dont matter… i mightve gotten upset by something you said… At some point in time. Bye poser

          • Yeah, because “idealogy,” “jis,” and “glomb” can be found in the dictionary. Seriously, buy yourself an education.

            And yes, we know you got upset by being wrong. You didn’t have to reiterate that.

          • You sont allow me to change the subject? There ya go again throwing that what I said to you back at me… Lol more of the ” I know u are but what am I?”Lol loser

          • Yeah, I “sont.” Illiterate hick. “Throwing that what I said.” Can you write one paragraph without sounding like an uneducated moron? It’s just comical at this point.

          • Like I said before.. Keep going to the same well of insults. This is what you continue to ramble on over? To say the same insults over and over. Yeah.. i got it.. You dont like it when people point out typos to you cuz yer on a phone. But if someone else does theyre uneducated. And yes… I get it… You think Im mentally retarded. And yet you keep blabbering on over it. Like I said… Lather rinse repeat. In your haste always try to one up me, all youve done is continue to substantiate every single thing Ive said about you. You whined about people picking at you… Yet utilized the same insults people threw at you. I call you out for babbling… Call you out for repeating everything… And what do you do.. You repeat it over and over again. You claim every Viking fan would have yer back but claim it doesnt matter that no ones backing you and that no one upticks you. You are a contradicting nob. Please… PLEASE. If yer gonna continue to artempt to insult me… Come up with something new… Original and frankly entertaining. Woooo Im retarded. Wow. So crippling it is I continue this tiresome circle with you. The worst part is… Even if everything you said were true about me… Or even your opinions for that matter do not change things one iota that you are a flipping loser bandwagon fan. You dont have to admit it… You can say anything you want to me. Insult me until the end of time. Even say something witty or (shudder) hurtful(lol) to me… And it still will not change anything about how much of a loser YOU are. By all means. Keep telling me how much I type. State the obvious. Point out my typos. Insult me. It will change nothing you loser bandwagon wannabe fan. You are trash and there is nothing that will change that. You actually dont need to tell me all those things… i mean please do if it makes u feel even a modicum of a difference to you. I can always just read the last commentary of how you believe me mentally retarded. Thats the problem with your repetitious banter. Youre wasting your time typing that whihc you already did. Bring SOMETHING new to the proceedings. Or dont. Nothing is going to change the fact that you in your heart of hearts know Im right about you. It clearly ulsets you otherwise it wouldnt matter to you that I keep calling you a bandwagoner. But yet you have nothing else to say. And you never will. Nothing that matters anyway. So by all means. Tell me all those things again. You know Im right about you… “Rawls” LOL LOL LOL

          • Do you even see the giant endless walls of text that you keep writing? It’s hilarious. All you said is: “you’re a bandwagoner.” “You’re trash.” “You’re a loser.” Such deep and amazing points!

            Based on what, exactly? LOL, oh, right, you’re a crybaby who reverts to childish insults when proven wrong.

            I like insulting you, but I don’t need to anymore. 3 > 0. You were wrong, I was right. End of story. Stay bitter. No “upticks” for you (lol).

          • Look at that… You “almost” left me at a loss for words HAHA Like I said… There isnt anything you can say to change those facts. But please. Keep going.

          • The difference between you and me is that you’re stating opinions based on fantasies, while I’m stating facts.

            3 > 0.

            Sorry you got beat.

          • Still introducing nothing new… Even in attempting to hurt my fragile little ego youve repeated the same insult for 2 days… On multiple occasions. As for facts. Yes… You provide all the facts needed to peove my opinions (on top of my facts) correct. “And for that… We thank you” Hate to be the broken record… “Again”… But yeah .. nothing you say will change these facts poser.

          • Oh and no… i called you a bandwagoner cuz Ive been stating facts… And all ecidence pointed to you being one… Still does lol

          • All “ecidence?” Yeah, of course. I didn’t expect more from you.

            I’m sorry you don’t have the mental toughness to deal with being proven wrong and will revert to childish name calling like an immature toddler. 3 > 0, fact. You lose.

          • Lol… Yea… Keep going to the typos. If I really am mentally deficient like you claim… What kind of an asshole are you to keep clowning on me? Im not… So its fine. But wow youre attempting to argue and pick a fight with someone who you believe is mentally challenged. Keeping it classy Rawls… Keeping it classy. Heh

    • yea because Seattle committed offensive PI and it turning into defensive PI… yup… lol, Viking shouldn’t have been ANYWHERE near that end zone, in fact they should have been pinned 4th and 22 punting from their 4 yard line… GG

    • Now that is just a stupid comparison. If anything the Vikings feel like the Packers did last year by losing a game in which you weren’t beat but you lost it. Second year in a row Seattle advances not because of anything they did but because of a bad play by their opponents. So by any measure Seattle had nothing to be upset about last year. 1 they never should have been in the super bowl and 2 they had one of the luckiest catches of all time that got them down inside the ten in the first place.3 seattle didn’t make a mistake that cost them the Super Bowl Malcom Butler made a great play. Bostick dropped an onside kick right to him and Walsh missed a chipshot. Just saying.

      • Last I checked, the team that scores more points, and more TDs, wins. Saying the Seahawks didn’t do anything to win is a tad ignorant, given that they were the only team in the game to actually score a TD while playing away.

        • No it’s not ignorant. It’s the damn truth. 2 years they advanced not by winning but but another’s misfortune. Last year if Bostick doesn’t try to catch the onside instead of blocking like he’s supposed to Seattle doesn’t win. If Walsh makes that FG Seattle doesn’t win. They didn’t force Bostick to drop anything or force Walsh to miss or block his kick. They are simply the result of others screwing up and them being the beneficiary of it.

          • Oh it absolutely is completely ignorant. Welcome to football, we hope you enjoy the sport. Every team that has ever won a Super Bowl has done it on the back of teams who made mistakes and couldn’t play well enough to beat them.

            At the end of the day, the team that scores more points and more TDs wins, which is what the Seahawks have done season in and season out for the last three years. I’m sorry you’re so bitter about it.

            Would the Vikings even had a chance if Seattle doesn’t botch the punt that gave them three points at the beginning of the game? No. So each team made one bad special teams mistake, but one team scored more points and more TDs at the other one’s home. I guess you’re saying there’s no merit in that? Pure-bred ignorance.

          • Who ever score the most points wins. Thank you John Madden. Obviously you don’t get it because you’re a Seahawks fan. I’m a fan of neither the Vikings or Seahawks and have no dog in this fight. There is a big difference between losing and being beat. The fact you don’t understand that is hilarious. The fact is that the Vikings did enough to win that game but their kicker missed a chip shot. The Vikings lost it plain and simple. It’s no different then when they lost against Atlanta when Gary Anderson missed an easy FG that lost them the NFC tittle. Seattle didn’t stop them they missed a FG. Difference between being beat and losing. Seattle calling the right play making the right throw and Butler making a great defensive play is being beat. Seattle didn’t lose that game they were beat. Difference between losing and being beat.

          • LOL, I’ve ever heard anything more idiotic in my life. The only reason the Vikings were in that position is because Seattle botched a punt. So by your standards, Seattle beat themselves, then did enough to unbeat themselves and win the game, as opposed to the Vikings. Hence, Seattle was the better team, made more plays, scored more points, ran more yards, passed more yards, and scored more TDs, which gave them the win. Yup, to an uneducated newbie, that DEFINITELY sounds like a team who did not beat the other. Absolutely hilarious!

          • If the Vikings “did enough to win the game” they would have had the most points when time ran out.

          • off of your logic NO team should ever be considered winners saying as how mistakes and misfortune happen in every game that effects the outcome

      • We have no idea how you feel? Really? Both Minnesota and Seattle have had an NBA championship (Lakers, Sonics) and then had the team leave town (to LA, to Oklahoma City). That was Seattle’s ONLY championship in any major sport until Super Bowl 48, unless you count WNBA — and if you do count women’s basketball, Minnesota is ahead (the Lynx have won 3 titles, while the Storm have won 2). The Mariners have never won anything, while Twins have won three times (1924, 1987, 1991). So maybe you don’t know how WE feel.

          • “Cheers” is a fancy word to you? I think that might be insulting to other “real football fans”. I was raising my glass to you in solidarity and sympathy. Haha – but ok. I’ll remember to dumb it down next time.

    • Let’s not forget the Seahogs got there last year because they recovered an onside kick which was just as painful for the Packer fans to take. The end to the Super Bowl last year was hilarious by the way. Go Pack.

      • I think we can all agree it wasn’t nearly as hilarious as the Packers choke job, particularly coming off of three championships in three years.

        • Well when you become big boys and get more than one Super Bowl trophy then you will be half the team we are with our 4 and our 13 NFL Championships. Now that’s funny.

          • Ah, yes, the old “The Pittsburgh Steelers are the best team in the NFL because they’ve won the most trophies at some point” argument that only losers who can’t win use. Knock yourself out!

          • Yes losers like the Seababies that only have 1 are not in the big boy conversation. And I guess the 13 time NFL champs are the best team based on your criteria. Thanks for admitting it.

          • Uh.. my criteria? Are you sure you know how to read? I’m pretty sure you’re the one who made that idiotic argument, not me. I love trading jabs with illiterate morons on the Internet, lol, can’t even understand a simple paragraph.

            Yeah, the only team to make the last two Super Bowls back-to-back and win three championships ins the last two years is a team of losers. Ok, baby, drink your milk and go to bed, you’re embarrassing yourself. Try to not to wet yourself over your bitterness.

          • I am sure after you lose next week like you did last year, you and your boyfriend will have a good cry, spoon up and cuddle. You are the idiot but I like your analogy, the team with the most Championships is the best team of all time. If I am the idiot, why are there so many post on every topic from a mental midget like you?

          • Huh? I remember winning the NFC Championship last year, not losing in the divisional. Go figure, the retard troglodite made another nonsensical post.

            You’ve already proven you’re an illiterate punk, so knock yourself out blabbering your mouth off. I’m sorry you have sand up your vagina just because your team had the choke of the century last year and you haven’t gotten over it. Stay bitter.

          • 13 NFL Championships? Brian, in the modern era our franchises are basically even. You’ve won one Super Bowl since Favre’s ’96, while we’ve been there three times in the past decade, winning one as well.

          • 1996 trophy beat New England, 1997 loss to Denver, 2010 trophy versus Pittsburgh that makes three and that’s 2 and 1 and you again, 1-2? Scoreboard. As far as modern era, 7 have been in my lifetime I guess that’s modern era?

      • Yo Brian, get over it already. An onside kick didn’t end it. Packs let Lynch run across the goal line 4 plays later. Following that, they scored to make it into overtime. It wasn’t till they let Kearse beat them deep did the Champion SeaHawks EARN their NFC Title.

  1. How is the kicker missing less than a chip shot the same as bad play calling? Butler made a good play to intercept Wilson and the only good play that came from the seahawks when the kicker missed the chip shot is them going on TV saying “Yea, I knew he was going to miss it” which is the most full of crap one can be when their pants were full of crap

    • Its not the play that is the same, its the feeling.. hence why he said “now you know how seahawks fans FELT” – shitty.

      I didn’t watch the post game coverage so I didn’t hear a snarky comment like that, which is definitely in bad taste to say the least.. however, we still would have had another 20 seconds which is plenty of time to get within field goal range, and hauschka is one of the best. Good game man

    • I always love how one persons comment becomes “They”(in context of the entire team) lol … See what I did there? (seriously did you? I dont want to overestimate yer comprehension abilities… Lol)

    • Butler committed PASS INTERFERENCE all day long, go read the rules, you cannot hit a player before the ball gets to him from the BLIND SIDE like he did!!!

      the cheats won by cheating as usual

      • was just as bad as the Vikings getting into field goal position via offensive PI, good grief,you guys think this shit is legit?

    • The only good play? How about scoring a touchdown, something the Vikings could not do at all the entire game? While playing at home? Not to mention one of your field goals came from a botched punt, which was just as bad as missing the FG.

      AP was held to under 50 yards. Teddy did nothing. Zero points outside of your kicker. That’s not how you win playoff games at home.

      • Why does it matter if the fans are recently added? The people that became seahawks fans were not just people that liked other teams before.. they just weren’t very interested in football, and now that they have a team that’s fun to watch, they enjoy it. Sounds like a good thing to me! People always try to put others down when they lose, just take the loss like a man and move on.

          • With truth and reason? I’ll take it.. People that love their home team just because they’re from that area are odd to me, like vikings for example.. They’re not even close to one of the best teams, their mascot sucks, the colors are embarassing, but you like them because they’re from your area? Should I like starbucks and microsoft since im from seattle?

          • I’m not one that believes you have to root for your home team, I know I sure don’t. It just annoys real fans that have been through the ups and downs with a team, just to have someone who knows nothing about the team or even sport, all of a sudden act like they’re a die hard fan.

        • That’s true, but I’ve always been a Seahawks fan. I’ve never been a fan of any other team. I used to watch them practice at the PHASE at EWU in the 90’s.

      • I needed a second person plural pronoun and I adopted it. But I didn’t grow up saying it (I grew up using “you guys” which sounds childish) and I was born and raised here in the PNW, thanks for asking!

  2. Well I guess I can say one thing, now Minnesota fans know how us Seahawk fans felt after that last play of Super Bowl 49!

    • Dude, I’m a hawks fan. But the Vikings have a long history of choking in very dramatic fashion in big playoff games. This was actually an exact repeat of what happened to them in, I wanna say ’98…? Nobody can truly know how they feel. I feel bad for them. Still happy about the win, but god damn. First you have to live in Minnesota, and then your football team can’t gets its shit together to save their lives? Must be fuckin rough.

  3. My God… This was sooo glorious. Poetic justice, really.
    Thank you, daily snark. This will provide me with much joy & delight for years to come 🙂
    Those low-life scum lords can enjoy their Division title as they freeze with that savory loss.
    Meanwhile, the PACK sail to warm Arizona with momentum.
    This is all so beautiful. ViQueens are the losers of the NFL. Enjoy, all of you mouthy losers.
    Hey…Who are the ViQueens playing next weekend??? BAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. Hey vikings fans, your team played hard. I got nothin’ but respect for your team. While I’m extremely happy and excited that my Hawks are moving up through the playoffs, I feel really bad for you guys that the game went down the way it did, I know how that feels. ‪‪#‎respect‬

  5. Ohhh that had to hurt . Glad the Hawks won , but wow I can feel bad for you Vikings fans . But I will take this as a W , and glad we have next week to play . The FG kicker must be hiding in a closet . Ouch …

  6. Now I’m a Panther fan. Go Cam and I live in MA. Liked the Vikings all the way back to Joe Kapp and the Purple People Eaters.

  7. It was very very cold. He might have frozen up. I feel so sorry for him. It is sometimes when it appears easy that you are most likely to screw up. But very bad timing. However let’s remember it is a game and forgive him. In Colombia someone might have shot him, but they don’t play football, they play soccer. In Iraq Saddam’s brother would have shot him too (if he was a boxer). In Syria he probably would have been set on fire and drowned in a cage at an Islamic State barbeque. They take things way too seriously. Let’s not be like those people. Let’s have a sense of humor and sportsmanship. It happened to all of us.

  8. Major Hawk’s fan, but we played one ugly game, No team wants to win like that though. (That being said, we’ll take it) Go Hawks!

  9. As a Seahawk fan, I know a bit about disappointment. Sorry for your pain. FYI, as a little boy back in the late 60’s/1970, the Vikings were my first favorite teem, led by Joe Kapp. I remember watching them lose to the Kansas City Chiefs. I was not happy. all I can say is Life does go on.

  10. NFL football is fixed. Vikings missed FG , and Cinncinati penalties, and not killing clock are two perfect examples, and that was in just one weekend.

  11. Lol Why they gave Peterson the ball when he fumbles so much is beyond me. Walsh doesn’t really deserve the hate here. Peterson does.

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