Ezekiel Elliott Says He Saved Texts From GF Saying She Would Set Him Up After Breakup

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After an odd story broke early Friday morning had Cowboys fans scared everywhere, it seems like the folks down in Dallas can take a collective sigh of relief – if they believe their first-round draft pick that is.

Ezekiel Elliott’s girlfriend took to Instagram to post pictures of her body saying that the Dallas Cowboys running back beat her over repeatedly the course of days.

TMZ later obtained the 911 call from the girlfriend to operators with the accusations of such. Without making accusations, the tone of voice and relatively calmness while talking about what just happened to someone who suffered a brutal beating seems dubious to say the least.

Shortly after, sources close to the Cowboys received information from Elliott that he in fact saved texts from his then girlfriend saying she would try to essentially “set him up” if he broke off their relationship.



Now what would be the motif for such ill-intended revenge? The news broke the day after Elliott was announced as the NFL’s leading player in 2016 jersey sales, and just a short time after Elliott signed his $24.9 million dollar contract with the Cowboys.

According to the police report written after the incident where Elliott’s girlfriend was allegedly in a bar fight, it notes that no witnesses saw any sort of domestic abuse from Elliott where the beating supposedly happened.

Elliott has denied the accusations as a whole, and if Ezekiel’s claims of saved texts hold true, it will have marked one of the few clutch things a Dallas Cowboy has done in years.


  1. Funniest part to this story? All the bandwagon Dallas fans that jump onboard with the jersey sales. Late Oct they will be sitting at the bottom of a laundry hamper until next season when they decide to be fans again.

  2. Let this be a cautionary tale to brothas who think white girls are less vindictive and destructive than sistas…

    • Assholes come in all colors, genders, shapes and forms. It’s not just a dick move against Elliott, it’s also a dick move to any woman that has actually ever been assaulted by her partner.

  3. Zeke’s smart, saving texts. Unlike others who destroy their phones in the middle of an investigation.

    • A phone that had already had its messages extracted and was no longer needed. Somebody’s salty that Brady beats their team every year

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