Jeff Fisher To His Players On National Anthem: “It’s A Respect Thing. It’s Respect For This Country.”

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Thousands of NFL fans are getting an inside look oh how longtime NFL coach Jeff Fisher runs his operation, specifically his 2016 Rams.

The team is featured on this season of HBO’s HardKnocks, where camera access gives us a look into the day-to-day of the newly relocated LA Rams.

One clip which is all too relevant this weekend after the saga brought on by Colin Kaepernick showed Coach Fisher talking to the team about what he expects during the National Anthem prior to their games.

“National anthem… It’s a respect thing. It’s a self-respect thing. It’s a respect for your teammates. It’s a respect for this game. It’s a respect for this country… It’s an opportunity to realize how lucky you are…”

Do you side with Jeff Fisher, Colin Kaepernick or both?


  1. 16,844,989 .. I would like this number shared by everyone reading this . this is the number of wartime military deaths counted to date . all of these men and women died defending that flag. before Colin kap goes to sleep at night in peace, he should kiss the flag and thank those who gave their lives for people like him to have freedom


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