Marshawn Lynch’s Mom Fires Back At Donald Trump With Hilarious Response

Marshawn Lynch’s decision to kneel during the US anthem but stand for the Mexico anthem caused a bit of a stir on social media as outlets and pundits around the country dropped their two sense on the Raiders RB exercising his freedom.

Of course, the decision garnered the attention of the President of the United States, Donald Trump who decided to take his shot at Lynch, calling for the NFL to suspend ‘Beast Mode’:

Marshawn Lynch’s momma, Delisa Lynch wasn’t going to sit around and let anyone talk to her son that way.

Delisa took to Twitter to return fire at Trump and brought his past desires to become an NFL owner, citing it as the main reason why she believes the President continues to attack the league today:

It becomes more and more clear that Trump’s desires to constantly attack the NFL are about more than just players kneeling. After all, he remains silent about the accusations made of Alabama candidate Roy Moore.