Seahawks Fans Blaming 10am PT Game Time For Loss To Panthers


The excuses have begun now. On Sunday, the Panthers came out swinging on the Seahawks jumping to an early 31-0 1st half score. Everybody was shocked, whether you were a fan of either team or not. Nobody saw that coming. Some Seahawks fans seem to think the early start was the sole reason for their team losing and being eliminated.

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  1. I thought it was all about the field conditions, even though they didn’t seem to affect the Panthers (even the announcers were pulling that card for the Seahawks).

    Now it’s the start time? I believe that every West Coast team has to deal with that when they play on the East Coast. Also, if they had won their division, they would have had (rigged) home field advantage.

  2. Those fans are stupid. Quit making excuses. Don’t allow 31 unanswered and have to play catchup. How about your team actually doesn’t trade Max Unger, cry about pass rushes destroying your OL, and actually you know… plays well…

  3. Seahawks fans are the largest bandwagon team and fair weather fanbase in the NFL. It figures they would make excuses like this. So salty.

  4. And yet no one cares when East Cost teams struggle when traveling out there. Same distance…time change still happens but it is 3 hours later. My Eagles can’t win on the coast to save their lives.

  5. Get a better seeding and don’t worry about travel. The packers had to travel to the East coast for their first game on a sunday then on a short week travel to the west coast to play a team that had a bye. That is a lot of travel and a lot of missed practice and game planning time. Yet I don’t see them complaining about it.

  6. What the problem’s here is that their were two colored mooslim’s playing quarterback’s for both team’s, which was VERY discusting! That why Goodall make them play so early, so that good Christian’s still in bed wont have to watch such Garbage. WHere Tim Tebow at he a good white christian boy!

  7. So the 10am start is the problem, huh? Funny how LAST year when the Panthers had to play at Seattle, they did not complain about having to adjust to west coast time when they lost.
    Face the fact that you simply were beaten by a better team yesterday.
    It’s pretty simple, if you want home field advantage, then win more regular season games.

  8. Win home field and you don’t have to worry about it. Seattle didn’t even win their division and got swept by the St. Louis Rams, which are so bad they are moving to LA.

  9. The Seahawks lost because they were outplayed and out coached. They made the playoffs, they’re a good team. Get over it. Have fun watching the Patriots win again this year.

  10. Where do they get 30,000 miles traveled? Every single damn time those ass hats lose the excuses just kill me. GET OVER IT, YOU LOST, MOVE ON, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL, end of story. Get over yourselves – you’re not that great, you L O S T.

  11. If it had anything to do with “cleats” that is why you have a manager, or any other low person on the totem pole, they are suppose to check out the field. So sick of the excuses.

  12. Given they shut the panthers down for 40 minutes while storming back hopefully this will be the last asinine scheduling fiasco the NFL gives us. I noticed this during the regular season, mainly because of the number of 10am start times they had, think it was about 3 or more. Inexcusable a team that makes the playoffs is forced to go back to back 10am start times. It was more than apparent it took them a qtr or more to wake up. Especially considering every other playoff team didn’t play until after 2pm, 4 hours is massive after a 3,000 mile flight.


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