Trent Richardson Ignores Humongous Hole, Runs Right into Traffic

Trent Richardson was once the third overall pick in the NFL draft (2012), but it’s plays like this one that show why he has yet to live up to expectations.
During Friday night’s preseason game against the St. Louis Rams, the Oakland Raiders offensive line created a huge hole in the middle of the field for Richardson to run through near the goal line. However, he decided to run straight into a pile and got tackled near the line of scrimmage.
One picture to sum up Trent Richardson’s entire career…
Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 6.22.52 PM
Oh wait, and this one.

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 11.08.54 PM

…and this one.
Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 11.08.46 PM
Annnnnddd this one.Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 11.08.36 PM


  1. They don’t breed them too smart at ‘Bama. Two schools that you do NOT draft running backs out of are ‘Bama and Wisconsin. They play behind huge O Lines and are gassed by the time they get to the NFL.

          • How so? Everyone Bama running back is supposed to be a ” cant miss ” prospect, yet they have shown that they are not worth giving up a 1st rnd draft pic. Lacy and Ingram are good players but they are not great. let alone superstars. John Clay broke the record for most TD’s in college and didnt even get drafted. Wiscy and Bama RBs have the luck of playing behind huge offensive lines and so they look better than they truly are. Combine that with the fact that they get a ridiculous amount of carries they end up having a lot of miles on their tires by the time they get to the NFL and rarely live up to the hype. History has shown that taking a running back in the first rnd is rarely worth it.

          • I do agree with you in that the o-lines make a huge difference. I’m from wisco so I see those big boys make all the difference every weekend. It’ll be interesting to see how Gordon does since he didn’t get as run down as other backs did as you mentioned

          • You being from Wisco def know what im talking about. I just see the combo of playing behind huge O Lines and getting a lot of carries because both teams prefer to run the ball and usually lead by a long way at the half, distorts things a little. I am curious to see how Gordon does as well. I think San Diego could be a very good spot for him as long as Rivers is there.

          • Richardson is garbage but in the Facebook discussion of this photo someone pointed out that the view is misleading. Check out this pic showing the Will linebacker covering the backside of that hole.

          • Youre right. The hole isnt that cut and dried at the time and the video is misleading. Someone must have drafted Richardson high each year as they did a good hatchet job on him on Facebook

          • I would rather take my chances one on one with the Will then try to have my lead blocker and I beat three defenders (who have outside contain). In the heat of the moment though one hole will look better than the other and it doesn’t always work out. It is comical though how this has become a meme of sorts.

          • There is no “take your chances” The RB coach would tear you a new ahole. Follow your guard & keep your eyes playside

      • Exactly, Richardson had, off the top of my head, as productive if not a more productive college career…wtf is up with that?

      • I never said that. I did not even infer it. They are by far the two biggest in college and as a result they create many holes for their running backs. That changes for the RB once they hit the NFL. Their OLine is no different than any others and as a result the holes arent there as often as they were in college.

        • what about eddie lacy, he’s from bama and is doing fine. Also, mark ingram finally played well last season so there are two backs in the last 4 years from bama that are successful. Plus, yeldon was drafted by the jags and we’ll find out if he does well.

  2. I just don’t get it, this dude was a fucking beast in college not only against cupcake schools like southwest whatever state but in national championship games.Whiskey Tango Foxtrot happened?

  3. Been reading all the posts about Trent Richardson. Im not a fan of his or the Raiders, but I cant stand STUPIDITY, especially from the Media. They keep posting pics of how he missed the hole. The only thing is, he didn’t. It was a COUNTER, there was a pulling guard #66. He was right where he was suppused to be. His vision was fine. It shouldve been on the playside. He may have been a little late getting to the outside hip of the guard, but there’s no way he should go into that “Hole” on the left. There’s the Mike backer sitting on top of him to fill the “Hole”. Straight idiots that have NO CLUE about the game, especially the RUN GAME


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