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EDIT 11/30: Contest is now over! Thank you to everyone that has entered. We have to do an audit to make sure all entries are legit and then verify the winner by email. We will announce the winner shortly thereafter!

UPDATE: 12/2. The Winner has been sent an email notifying them they won the contest. They have 48 hours to contact us or a new winner will be chosen.

  • Nancy Hensley

    My favorite player is Hines Ward. Although I’m a Bengals fan, I have never seen anyone play like Hines did. He played with his heart every single minute of the game, and always had a smile on that face. If my son (who is named after Hines, his middle name is Ward) decides to play football, I hope he plays just like Hines!

  • Curt

    My favorite Sports player of all time is David Wright. He was my first favorite player and hard not to love him as a Mets fan. Hope he stays a Met forever!

  • Sean Blazejak

    My favorite athlete all time has to be Michael Jordan for so many reasons, but mainly because of the great influence he had not only on the game of basketball, but on the city of Chicago as well. Long life #23!

  • Bill

    I am a born and bred chicago sports fan and Michael Jordan is my all time favorite athlete.

  • Darryl William Davis

    My favorite athlete of all time is Charles Barkley. The first sport I seriously got into was basketball and he played for the home team (76ers). We were born on the same day (2/20) and I loved his intensity as a kid. I followed him through both of his next two teams and lost interest in basketball not long after he retired. Football is my life right now.

  • Dany

    Michael Jordan cause he was realy awesome when I was a kid.

  • Laurie Eck

    My favorite athlete of all time would have to be Gary Carter, catcher for the Mets back in the late 80’s. Good baseball player & good person……RIP!

  • Nathan Fisher

    Mine has got to be Brandon Phillips there’s no one like him when it comes to fan interactions. I have gone to dinner with him and seen a movie with him and Drew Stubbs because he gives back. Thank you BP and the Cincinnati Reds for giving him a chance. Bet you first day next year he’s on top ten again.

  • Emily

    Favorite athlete of all time is Aaron Rodgers. Go Pack!

  • Jared

    My favorite athlete is Miguel Cabrera. He has inspired me to play baseball.

  • Christian StaysFloss

    Durant is my favorite player ! i just love how hes not super cocky but hes not quiet and hes a great all around player.

  • RJ Cupp

    Roberto Clemente is my favorite athlete; his number should be retired throughout the MLB, greatest humanitarian athlete of all time. Died helping others.

  • Josh Blankenship

    Aaron Rodgers & Brett Favre, both define the Packers

  • Amar Krupalija

    Michael Jordan

  • Geordan Somerville

    Ray Lewis because he inspires so many people

  • Michael

    Jeff Bagwell is my favorite player. I was a kid flipping through the channels and I landed on an Astros-Cubs game. Bagwell was the batter, I thought his stance was funny, and he smacks a homer. I modeled my batting stance after him.

  • justforyoumissy

    John olerud best first baseman of the Mets all-time

  • Jessica Tracy

    My favorite athlete of ALL TIME is Emmitt Smith <3 That man!

  • Holly Hamack DeWitt

    Tedy Bruschi…such a classy guy and not too bad looking either…

  • DarciaM

    Currently, Drew Brees. Excellent quarterback, and all around great guy.

    I also like Tony Gonzales though, even if he does play for Atlanta. 😉

  • Meir Spector

    My favorite athlete is Andrew Luck because he is a class act

  • Jairus

    Ray Lewis, because his speeches can get you pumped up!

  • Connor Belcher

    My favorite athlete is Bo Jackson, the definition of the word athlete.

  • zanez fallen

    Mine has to be Walter Payton. Sweetness…..R.I.P.

  • Josh Clark

    Joe Montana all the way!

  • Zachary Belenchia

    Jason Witten is my favorite player of all time because he plays the game like a man he is not cocky when he gets a first down or a touchdown. He also brings class by wearing a suit to an interview.

  • Clint Gamache

    Tom Brady due to his awesome heart to win.

  • ASG1

    Freddy Jackson, he’s a literal Mac Truck.

  • JCizzle93

    My favorite athlete is Dwyane Wade.

  • Thad Swan

    Charles TIllman
    nough said

  • Bish

    The hitman…..Donnie baseball

  • TJ Bonamico

    Donovan McNabb. Huge heart, saved our franchise and made us relevant

  • Kylie McInnes

    Bo Jackson. Two sport all-star? And the ultimate hero in Tecmo Super Bowl? Bo knows.

  • Kyle Lee

    Buster Posey!

  • james

    David ortiz! just always so clutch

  • Michael Yerkan

    Magic Johnson, changed the sport of basketball with his passing and versatility, as did the Big O. I met him and he is a great guy, and a nice man.

  • Alberto Hernandez Jr

    Michael Jordan

  • Jared

    My favorite athlete? Chris “Birdman” Andersen. Despite his “interesting” appearance, he is one of the nicest NBA players ever. I met him and some of the Miami Heat team earlier this year. Keep in mind that this was one day after they lost to the Bulls, ending there 27 game winning streak. I met a couple of the players, and they were mostly jerks. But then I met Birdman. The nicest guy I ever met. I talked with him for a while in the lobby of the hotel. He was waiting for the elevator and missed it on purpose just to keep talking to me. I also love the fact that he really turned his life around. At the beginning of his career, he was on drugs and as a result, was suspended by the NBA in 2006. However, he got clean, turned his life around, and became a spectacular role player for the Heat last season.
    And that’s why he is my favorite Athlete.

  • blueamcat

    Kirby Puckett – He played for my MN Twins. Awesome guy. RIP

  • JD Wilson

    Dale Earnhardt! Grew up on NASCAR what can I say

  • Matt Darby

    Derek Jeter i grew up watching him. He is very team oriented and has a huge fan base because he isnt about himself he is about the game his team and the Yankee fans!!! Plus he is the greatest SS to play the game!

  • Aaron Doherty

    Peyton Manning! Best nfl quaterback to ever play the game and possibly of all time

  • Aaron

    Russel Wilson, he fought for his job and does a great job at it. GO HAWKS!!

  • Derek

    The Captain, Derek Jeter. Being surrounded in a house of Mets fan, being the only Yankee fan, I was glad i could look up to him as roel model playing litlle league for most of my childhood.

  • Brent Woolverton

    Has to be Don Mattingly. While he never won a series, he was one of the best first basemen of all time.

  • John Ryan

    mariano rivera

  • JHawk Hawkins

    Good ol’ Mo, no question. He’s one of, if not the greatest closer of all time.

  • Matt S

    Charles Barkley

  • Mark S

    Jerry Rice

  • Brandon Searles

    Brian Dawkins, one of the most intense NFL players to ever play the game

  • BleedBlueNYG86


  • Daniel

    Wayne Gretzky, he inspired me to play hockey in the first place 🙂

  • SimplyCraig5

    Aaron Rodgers, Best QB in recent history, and if he keeps it up possibly best of all time! 🙂

  • AJ

    Peyton Manning. He is one of the best QBs of all time and seems to have a very humble and likeable personality.

  • Tashi

    Michael Jordan

  • zayed

    Drew brees ,made me love American football

  • zenoni

    Kobe Bryant, i’m a basketball player because of him

  • Mayank Bhasin

    LeBron James, he inspired me to pursue my career in basketball.

  • Taylor Brian Allen


  • Bobby

    Steve Young! always had so much heart for the game!

  • EJ Swank

    Kobe Bryant. Best of his generation. Last of his generation.

  • Zodiac

    Michael Jordan..Hail his royal airness

  • WhoEvenKnows

    Tom Brady I grew up watching him and still love him anf he can be regarded as the greatest QB of all time except this season he’s doing pretty bad 🙁 Brady is the reason why I play football.

  • Casey Jankowski

    Walter Payton. The best running back ever!

  • Chad Ohge

    Jake Knott, he is an inspiration!

  • Vicki Reyes

    Troy Aikmen

  • Phil Puopolo


  • Nick

    Steve Young

  • Alexandria Kloewer

    Jerry Rice!

  • Dustin Foreman

    Definitely Michael Jordan

  • MemeNewsTeam

    Michael Jordan fo sho

  • dave johnson

    Die hard eagles fan! So it would have to be Brian Dawkins! The best free safety to ever wear those colors and top 5 all time in the NFL

  • Melissa Nice

    Peyton Manning. He built this city!

  • Sean Rodich

    Brandon Roy. One of the classiest players to play in the NBA. It’s a shame his career had to come to an end so soon

  • Wayne

    Reggie Wayne

  • kimbers867

    Ray Lewis – 17 years in professional football!

  • Roy Gable

    Cris Carter. All he does is catch Touchdowns.

  • juliensavageau

    barry sanders, most elusive player to ever step on the field

  • Mike Andrito

    Kevin Millar. Didn’t lead the league in any stat except having fun.

  • Dale Reynolds

    Peyton Manning for his work in and out of football.

  • Clayton Ramsey

    Andre Johnson. Wearing a jersey right now. He is a phenomenal player and a humble one at that. I hate cocky players and he certainly isn’t cocky. All he does is play.

  • CruDes

    Matt Hasselbeck. He got Seattle to their first Super Bowl (with many more to come thanks to Russell Wilson).

  • Andy Dip

    Kobe Bryant because no matter the injury or challenge he faces, he always finds a way to persevere

  • CJ B.

    49ers i was brainwashed from birth and im on the east coast go niners

  • Raveneff

    Fan of Ray Lewis. Grew up in Maryland and watching what he brought to the field and community was incredible.

  • Jonathan Aldridge

    DT Derrick Thomas baby he was a stud

  • Sami Alqadi

    Michael Jordan, Goat.

  • AdryKob

    Kobe Bryant… SOOO CLUTCH.

  • Kellan Courchene

    Brett Favre or Marshawn Lynch

  • Eduardo

    Ray Lewis and Zinedine Zidane, two legends commited to the game.

  • Joshua Pnut Burch

    Jerome Bettis easlily. Won a superbowl for us

  • Tyler Martin

    Mario Lemieux. One of the best hockey players of all time. Then he brought the Penguins back to greatness when they were on the brink of extinction.

  • Trentin Sheppard

    Steve McNair, class act, and one of the toughest guys in football history. RIP

  • Héctor García S.

    Andrew Luck = Clutch

  • Adam

    Michael Jordan! He is still the best basketball player of all time.

  • Patrick Veverka

    Huge Browns fan – Definitely Bernie Kosar from my generation!

  • wyldtek


  • Sean

    Gotta go with DeSean Jackson. Might not be much of an Eagles fan, but I gotta love his punt returns and just how amazing of a receiver he is. Although Calvin isnt far behind 🙂

  • cf

    Kobe Bryant wow

    So clutch
    many shot

    very basket

    • I Keel Zohmbeez

      WTF did you just say?!?

  • Brandon Howard

    Pierre Garcon, he’s a tough underrated matchup and always fights for yards. Hes a great person off field too unlike Victor Cruz

  • Apprized

    Brian Westbrook, Philadelphia Eagles.

  • Daniel

    steve smith is one of the best receivers, he is small but makes big plays for his size

  • Ethan Aldrich

    Magic Johnson, came back from AIDS and is now a tycoon.

  • Conner Coleman

    Jay Buhner. Had his son in Spanish class too… what a hoot!

  • peggy

    Torrey Smith With Baltimore Ravens..Die Hard Ravens Fan!!! oh and cant forget Ray Lewis!

  • Mike

    Derek Jeter

  • melo

    Darrell Green…20 years without a single complaint.

  • Philip Gooden

    Cal Ripkin Jr, He was just an idol growing up while playing baseball and a class act on and off the field.

  • Kelley Parker

    Kobe Bryant. He fights through all adversity.

  • Colin Nguyen

    My favorite pro athlete of all time would have to be Tom Brady, the way he prepares for games, the way he shows leadership to his team, how he is so emotional in the game of football like its life or death, the competition he brings Sunday makes any football game one you don’t want to miss. Patriots all day TB12, PatsNation!

  • Roger Salobo

    Edgar Davids

  • Jason Sydor

    Tim Duncan…greatest PF of all time.

  • Nutshell

    Vince Wilfork is my favorite, as he is a terrific player who works hard on the field, in the locker room, and in the community.

  • Kamden Kramer

    Gotta be Ronnie Lott. He was such an intense player. Plus he had doctors remove part of his fingers so he wouldn’t miss a game

  • Jason Maze

    Marino. No reasons needed.

  • Jose Torres

    Steve Smith. Guy is just a beast!


    David Wright

  • Dave Leontitsis

    probably have to be Patrice Bergeron have to respect anyone with the toughness drive to win and heart to play through those kinds of injuries

  • Julie McLaney

    Bernie Kosar because he rewrote the rules, so to speak, when it came time to draft him and then he gave his whole heart and soul to Cleveland until he was unceremoniously dumped.

  • Justin Malaszecki

    Huge fan of Drew Brees! He’s a big reason the Saints are where they are today.

  • Jenna Zupancic

    Jeff Conine, Mr. Marlin!!

  • david berube

    Ray bourque…. great defensive player, accurate shooter and hell of a person

  • Kevin Kutner

    Brian Dawkins – Weapon X will always be the ultimate Eagle

  • Hunter Sannes

    Joe Mauer. Hometown guy and classiest guy in the MLB

  • Neil Laurente

    Kobe Bryant – clutch,rings

  • brandon

    Tim Tebow because of what he stands for

  • Troy

    Brett Favre

    Dude plays with a broken hand

  • Anthony Mantello

    Derek Jeter. Clutch. Class. Champion. People say he’s overrated. IDK how being an integral part of five championship teams and making a run at the all time hit list can ever be overrated.

  • Jared Newman


  • Matthew

    Ray Lewis, cuz even with all the crap that literally EVERYONE spews, he still led the charge to winning 2 championships. Awe-inspiring, indeed.

  • Zac Mercauto

    My Favorite Sports Player of ALL TIME Would Have to Be: Troy Brown Former New England Patriots. Played every year for the Patriots and never left even if there were bigger contract offers on the market for him he took the lesser offer to be with the Patriots.

  • Nathan

    Definitely Jake Locker.. .hehehehe

  • Feloros96

    Michael Jordan
    Best Player off all times

  • David Fernandez

    Ray Lewis! I just love his passion for the game and the way he revolutionized the game!

  • paul

    dan marino best QB ever

  • alex

    CR7 !! amazing talent

  • José Luis Méndez

    Joe Montana. Best QB ever.

  • KJ

    Michael Jordan b/c Space Jam.

  • Thisname Isfake

    Kirby Puckett

  • Drew Thomson

    Joe Montana. Best QB to ever play the game.

  • JDOGG80

    The one and only Vin Baker the “Championship Maker”! If it weren’t for that darn alcohol, etc, etc, could of been one of the greatest forwards of all time! Was a really nice player though.

  • Darren Gilbert

    Brian Dawkins, because he was a monster on the field

  • Andy Le

    Adrian Peterson! Is he even human?

  • michael

    Clintion Portis; he was robbed of two more seasons due to injuries.

  • DaveUnreal

    Wow. You guys pulled out the big guns. I love the tweets. keep ’em comin’!

  • Eric Hammond

    Barry Sanders. Class act on & off the field. Still the best!

  • Deuce22

    Chipper Jones
    He is the best switch hitter of all time!

  • Geovany Castro

    Allen Iverson !!! cant forget kobe !

  • Blackout

    Steve Yzerman

  • Dillon Benjamin

    My favorite sports player of all time would have to be Dwayne wade. He has class on and off the court. He loves the game of basketball but he’s a father first.

  • Anthony Cannon

    Barry Sanders

    All time running back

  • Rob Wolkenbrod

    Mike Piazza

  • SlickLiving

    My favorite sports player of all time would have to be Ricky Williams. why ? I really dig his running style and he played on my Miami Dolphins

  • Dg


  • Katy Vazquez

    MJ – no one is better

  • Patrick Mulcahy

    Joe Montana

  • Bash Footh

    Tim Tebow… A lot of haters, but that doesn’t change how good of an athlete and a person he is.

  • david

    calvin johnson, straight BEAST

  • gary n teri

    sad stori:

    boi: i lyke notbillwahltun

    gerl: ur an fagit

    boi: i no ;(

    rt if u cri evrytiem

  • Kristaps

    Larry Bird- Basketball Jesus. His game style WOW. And one more- Dennis Rodman- The Greatest

  • TB10TB12

    Steve Nash

    Canadian. That’s why.

  • Scott Wilson

    Bob Griese Favorite QB of all time

  • Bryce Davis

    Kobe Bryant. It’s not even close man

  • Juan

    Definitely Derek Jeter. He is such a representation of his team and even though he may no longer play at the level he used to be capable of he is still what holds that team together and there couldn’t be a better fitted captain right now.

  • Tiffany Wahle

    My favorite player of all time is Kobe Bryant

  • Pat Tomosky

    Brian Dawkins! He played w/ heart every time he went on the field & never took a play off.

  • richard

    Bill Russell 11 rings in 13 seasons.. no comparison in any sport

  • E. Rudy

    Antonio Naelson “Sinha”
    A crack
    So win
    Much contest

  • Jeremy Kegler

    Brett Favre/Aaron Rodgers…can’t decide

  • The Tune


  • Andres Alejandro Ortiz

    Brandon Jacobs – i Grew up a giants fan and for as long as i can remember Jacobs was Big Blues tank. It hurt to see him in a Niners uniform but hes back home in Blue so its all good! I just wish they would give him his number back

  • David Rand

    Probably Mark McGwire. I know the issues people have with him, but I idolized him for more than just his homerun hitting. I’ve always liked that guy.

  • Lee Hambly

    Warren Sapp because there was such a clear element of love and joy for the game.

  • Adam Ezio Christopher

    Martin Brodeur…yea hockey I know :p

  • Freddy Brown

    Matt Ryan Cause even though he is playing with out his no. 1 receiver he is still a good qb

  • Corey Kelley

    Steve Young

  • Daniel Moore

    Derek Jeter…..

  • Alex Jarvis

    Growing up I idolized Gary Payton and Ken Griffey Jr.

  • Kc Painter

    John Elway. Enough said.

  • Andrew Strong

    Kevin durant
    Once i started getting back into basketball, he has been my number 1. Hes also a funny player to watch and best in the NBA right (not the best right now, but one of them).

  • Elizabeth

    Aaron Rodgers. Because, come on, he’s Aaron Rodgers.

  • matt ruane

    Jack Lambert didn’t give a fuck about the opposing team

  • Ivan R

    Sean Taylor

  • Ben

    J.J. Redick! Duke fan for life and he has put in the work to become an everyday starter for the Clippers. Hard work pays off!

  • Csongor

    Tom Brady. u mean how many players u know who rised from round 6 pick 199 to be a hall of famer, have 3 SB rings and a couple of playoff apireance …

  • Josh Smart

    adrian peterson, because he is the best back in the nfl

  • Alyssa Kline

    Brett Favre!!

  • Johnny Cage

    John Cena because fuck you thats why

  • Callie

    I see these contests all the time but never hear who wins….if anyone actually does. Meh. I’m still entering.

  • B1ackDiamond

    Dr. J.

  • Shaun Michael Zahners

    Calvin Johnson Hes got a good attitude and one of the best receivers in the NFL

  • James Lindsay

    Michael Jordan, hands down.

  • TheNameGame

    Barry Sanders. Final Answer.

  • Chris Leitz


  • Aaron Rusher

    John Elway #Broncos

  • staff2495

    Bo Jackson, just electrifying to watch

  • mystic

    Joe montana…. he led my team to victory many a time

  • Just_a_goon

    Marshawn Lynch
    Hes boss at running and his nickname is fucking skittles. Don’t fuck with a guy thats name is skittles.

  • Jacob Burnisde

    Russell Wilson. Hes just too humble! #Gohawks

  • theonlypewo

    I have to go with Dorando Pietri. Sorry bros, I’m italian.

  • Dark Syde

    John Tavares, Professional Lacrosse player. Spent his entire career with the Buffalo Bandits(1992-), still playing today. Holds the All-Time scoring title(779/856) as well as the All-Time points(1666/1849) title. Complete class act.

  • Scars

    JJ Watt, dude is awesome.

  • Paul Giannotta

    Joe Montana. Joe Cool, best QB ever.

  • Jenny

    Probably would have to be Peyton Manning. I don’t really like the man personally, but he’s shown that he can be on any team in the NFL and take that team from a no one to a someone!

  • Jeff

    Ed McCaffery. He made all the catches over the middle.

  • Nsane520

    Larry Fitzgerald. .. loyal, humble, dedicated, hard worker and the best on the field

  • Eddie Cardwell

    Sean Taylor. He was amazing. Rip!

  • Jesse Smith

    Favorite athlete is peyton manning and I’m not a bandwagoner i liked him on the colts and now that he plays for colorado i cheer for him but still also cheer for colts!

  • Hunterray7

    Calvin Johnson.
    Because he is one of the #1 Best Wide receivers in the NFL today!

  • Reese Breedlove

    Dirk Nowitzki. Best shooter I’ve ever seen, and a great person.

  • Rob Peltier

    Michael Jordan! THE ultimate athlete

  • Arianna

    Tom Brady
    He’s just amaaaaaazing in every way possible!! Come on 3 SB rings that’s more than most can say nowadays!! 🙂

  • Kevin Rushia

    Larry Bird because made me think I could be an NBA player.

  • Bob Saget

    LeBron James…

    Oh boy, I can feel the hate already…


  • Brad hall

    It would have to be Payton Manning watching him play is like a work of art, to see him call audibles and pick the perfect play is just beautiful

  • Jaime Pearson

    Micheal Jordan. The Best ever

  • Brandon Bam Mojica

    Bernie Williams because not a lot of people would pick him and hes the first guy i ever saw hit a homerun.

  • Jacob Adkins

    Reggie Wayne. Number 87 WR for the Indinapolis Colts

  • Justin Wesley

    Magic Johnson

  • Lindsi Hunter

    Troy Polamalu cause he’s beast!

  • still d

    Wesley Snipes. such a talent

  • Michael Encarnacion

    Emmitt Smith
    one of greatest running backs all time
    down to earth player

  • april Sims

    fav is Emmitt smith

  • Dboy

    Derrick Rose! Hes too nasty!

  • Alberto Hernandez Jr

    Michael Jordan

  • HeatFan4110

    Dwyane Wade. One of the top SGs of all time. He can rebound and block really well for his size. He is also a dynamic attacker on offense. 3 rings for Wade and the face of the Heat franchise.

  • fxx3605

    randy moss cause straight cash homey

  • alex smith

    derek jeter. He’s lasted so long in the mlb and only now had one major injury

  • Derek Williams

    LeSean McCoy, best RB in the league.

  • Jeremy Stevens

    adrian peterson because.. adrian peterson!

  • Ryan Olivero

    Tony Romo. He seems to be determined even when the game is near over. Love him. Always a fan

  • Freddy Garcia

    Troy Polamalu!!!! #Beast #MakesPlays #FunToWatch #Steelers

  • Wishiwastom Brady

    Tom Brady, easily. Lifelong New England fan, born in Springfield, no contest between anyone else.

  • Vin Guida

    Barry Sanders. He was absolutely amazing. He had so much talent and yet he wasn’t a show boat on and off the field.

  • Freddy Garcia

    Troy Polamalu!! #Beast #MakesPlays #FearedOnTheField #HallOfFamer #SteelerNation

  • jm

    Michael Jordan, need I say more?

  • Jonathan Kim


  • Ryan Ratty

    Dez Bryant. Guy is an absolute animal. Huge, powerful and terrific hands.

  • Austin Roberts

    dj mbenga. two championship rings

  • oliver

    Tom Brady, easily

  • Courtney Livingston

    Such a weighted question!!! On pure athletic ability alone, probably Peyton Manning, but if it were based on who I’d like to have a beer with, it’d most likely be Vince Wilfork or Michael Strahan…

  • Eric Silverman

    victor cruz!! because he never gave up when times were at a low point in his life he kept going and achieved greatness

  • Von_3sco

    Terry Bradshaw one helluva QB

  • Guest

    troy aikman

  • randall sims

    troy aikman

  • Jeff

    Tom Brady
    Best QB in the NFL today

  • dcavs

    Derek Jeter hands down, born a yankees fan and will forever be one. Derek is the pride and joy of our team and is a very respectable, classy man.

  • Marcus Jackson

    Michael Vick. His is a story of redemption and brokenness.

  • Dmitriy


  • Brittany Andrews

    Marshall Faulk….by far one of the best players to EVER play football…EVER

  • cranow12

    Peyton Manning

  • cmw

    Steve Weatherford, because he’s as humble as they come and cares a great deal for his fans

  • Monarchtron

    Troy Polamalu, best safety in the Game!

  • Michael Kelley

    Patrick Kane. The new face of the Chicago Blackhawks

  • Marcus W.

    Troy Aikman for me.

  • Jessica Lee

    Jerome Bettis…Just because he’s the greatest :o)

  • ~~~

    Peyton Manning

  • Mustafe

    Eli Manning. He is Clutch. Comes from a family of Greatness and winners. Has more superbowls then his so called “Better” older brother, Peyton Manning. Eli has 2 Superbowl Victories and 2 Superbowl MVP’s.

  • Victor

    Tom Brady, he’s the guy!

  • Eric Williams

    Maurice Jones-Drew. He’s an animal and is why I’m a Jaguars fan.

  • Davin Campbell

    Tiger Woods…even with all his bullsh*t

  • Austin Handler

    Hard to go wrong with Michael Jordan

  • NDavis

    Wayne Gretzky

  • Brett K.

    Jerome Bettis because he consistenly used his power to run over defenders for years and years! He was so underrated!

  • rybub

    Paul Konerko or Frank Thomas, I’m a die hard White Sox fan

  • GreenieBoy

    Jermaine Dye best baseball player ever.

  • Tanzim Siddqi

    Ben Roethlisberger because he is a great quarterback.

  • Ashleigh Farmer

    John Elway! Best QB we ever had! Hoping Manning will have the same impact 🙂

  • AD

    Mike Tyson, exciting and vicious!!

  • Cody Landis Koehn

    da bears been a fan since i was a kid

  • Just_a_goon

    Who won?

  • Brad hall

    How bout that Auburn Bama game? Haha crazy