12th man flag…Well Kinda.

you had(picture via Jason Fernandez)


      • that is the exact representation of bandwagon fans… they arent fans of seattle because of the fact that they grew up in the area, most likely, and they most likely didnt like them when they werent good… the fact you “one” the game is a perfect reason for these idiots to be bandwagon fans… just like people are starting to be KC fans, or people who are Denver fans…

          • or the same way i’m a new england fan and i’m not from mass. or new england area at all. my family is from indiana and they were all new england fans so i grew up in that kind of enviroment. because you may not be from that area of your favorite team does not mean you’re a bandwagon fan

          • Yeah right, diehard teenaged fans who have the means to travel all over the United States following an NFL team.

          • well it is possible if those kids have parents with more money than sense, but who says they go to every game. maybe the live there or maybe the traveled for a friends birthday, stop being green and enjoy your fellow man and all there funny antics but leave the mean hearted bull in you head.

          • I didn’t realize I was taking a grammer course. Don’t you have anything better to do than rag on other peoples flaws.

          • If you mean grammar, then perhaps you should take one. My original comment was well within the context of the conversation and not insulting to anyone posting here. You chose to be insulting to me after completely misreading a lighthearted jab at most. Please do not condescend to me about ragging on someone when you my friend threw the first stone.

          • looks like we could all use a little grammar course in our lives. you have to realize though, that even if it seems light hearted to you some one else may be offended.

          • I want to make sure I understand this. You were offended by a comment that was not to you, had nothing to do with you and felt the need to defend someone that can probably speak for themselves? Do me a favor and direct your sanctimonious ire elsewhere. I am finished with this conversation. Have a nice evening.

          • Okay, I’m not finished yet. If you are so easily offended, why are you on a website that’s sole purpose is posting digs at people? Are you one of those people that looks for things to offend you so that you can raise us heathens to your enlightened level of humanity?

          • Aww somebody doesn’t liked to messed with. maybe you should get off the internet just saying.

          • So on top of being a sanctimonious prick, you are also a hypocrite? Give it your best shot boy. Your ignorance is even greater than your arrogance.

          • WHO-DEY all the way way south florida, Born in Cleveland but im a die-hard Bengals fan for over 15 years. And even tho you started this nonsense, everyone else has either defended their fellow man or their beloved Team, no matter where they live. and yet you never defended you team yet you make it a point to shit on a group a fans who were probably so excited to see the camera they didn’t realize the flag was upside down. In closing I just hope you don’t ever make a slight mistake, because theres sadly always going to be a guy like you shitting on the happiness of all the TRUE NFL fans out there. Love the Game, not the douche bag inside your mind.

        • I’ve been a Bengals fan since I first saw a football game (Bengals vs Bills). They had the coolest helmets. Won me over ever since, and I never strayed once during our 22 year playoff drought. Shove that in your theory. Assumptions won’t get you far, and you make yourself sound like an idiot patrolling the internet, spewing your secondhand nonsense.

        • I live in arizona, a huge cardinals fan, and I have been to a number of seattle vs arizona games and the “12th man” was pretty fucking absent from our stadium until this game. Bandwagon is right! Seattle has the biggest bandwagon in all of sports

        • I’m from ohio and never cared for Cinci or Cle growing up but always liked the steelers when I was little. When I was a kid they never actually won the superbowl, the first bowl I saw them win was in 2006 or something. Retarded Cleveland fans say I’m a bandwagon fan just cause I like the Steelers and not the browns [seriously, I can’t root for a team that has shit brown as their team colors with orange…].

          I’m not a Denver fan but I am a fan of manning cause he’s entertaining to watch and I like seeing him win. I watched the Colts till he left and now I watch Denver a lot. Kinda like when I watched the Lions every single game just to see Barry run and how I’ll start watching Stanford next year to see Sanders Jr.. That’s not band wagon at all, it’s just watching who you wanna watch.

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