LOL Sam Ponder owns Faux John Madden

When he isn’t stealing tweets, the douche writing @FauxJohnMadden is busy getting embarrassed by wives of NFL players:



It is all made funnier when you realize the writer behind the account is this guy:



Brent Booher.

Obviously this guy reached out to Sam Ponder trying to get an NFL job and when that didn’t work, decided to trash her husband.

I call him writer and not owner because he SOLD his account to a fellow named Mikey Ames and Alex Holmes (former USC Trojan, failed NFL player) at Wild Hair Media in Feb 2012. Wild Hair Media also bought @_Happy_Gilmore and @TheFakeESPN.

As we know…its illegal to buy Twitter accounts. Wonder if they know about that?

A bunch of sports parody accounts are fine. Accounts like @NotSportsCenter, @PeytonsHead, @NotBillWalton @EvilMikeTomlin stay in their lane and offer funny jokes.

But those other guys? Chances are if they wrote a joke you heard it somewhere else 15 minutes before.

So kudos to Sam Ponder for taking the thieving back stabbing punk down a notch.