Fan Crashes Malcom Smith Post-Game Interview With 9/11 Comment


      • Educated? Like my degree in engineering? And even though I keep telling people those weren’t demolition charges in the WTC you all STILL believe those were demo charges? How about you educate yourself on Physics and then we’ll have a discussion.

          • That isn’t thermite. This may shock your uneducated mind, but STEEL is FLAMABLE. Surrounding those beams in a jet fuel inferno, subjecting it to heat from all sides eliminated the heat dispersion of the beam allowing it to reach it’s ignition point. The burning is mostly rapid oxidization so it might look like thermite to those who don’t know any better. If you don’t believe me, light a piece of steel wool with a match. You’ll get the same “thermite effect” but on a much smaller (and cooler) level.

          • Thank for your explanation. I wouldn’t proclaim myself as uneducated as I am still learning as most of us here on earth. Iv gotten the information I know from different engineers that don’t even know each other as well as professors that have all made a name for them selves in the engineering world. I will take into account your explanation but I don’t know your background so who is too say you arent uneducated. I can also see your spend a lot of your time on this site being as you have almost 500 comments. I guess this is where educated people spend there time since your indirectly self proclaiming your self as educated.

          • 426 comments on DISQUS… not on this site. As for the educated comment? I gave you an experiment that is simple, cheap and proves my point yet all you do is posture. That tells me enough.

          • I did that experiment when i was in 5th grade, same thing with a nine volt. Your the one accusing me of being uneducated when you don’t know me, i was only responding. That is part of human nature.

          • Then why has nano-thermite been found throughout the dust from that fateful day? Did it simply blow in on the breeze? What about the iron rich spheres? Do some research and get back to us.

            “Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.” –Marshall McCluhan

          • I agree; even a doctor who graduates at the bottom of his class is still a “doctor”. A degree only means that you went to school, and like you said in other words experience is the real education.

      • Maybe instead of buying into conspiracy theories you get an education yourself. Preferably one in English so you can at least form grammatically correct sentences.

        This is jsut another moron looking for some attention.

  1. How long did the wtc burn for? I believe it was a couple months! And previous fires in the buildings were commented by firefighters “fighting a blowtorch.” Those buildings were built to go down. And lets not get started with the cia building (building 7) a block away collapses!?! With all the building information on the wtc. The first steel framed building to ever collapse from a fire.. THE WORLD TRADE CENTER.. And the third? Building 7.

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