Redditor Creates Concept NFL Division Map

Reddit user Nevermore60 realigned the NFL divisions based on geographic locations; smart considering the drastic cut in travel time and expenses as well as traveling fans. Some divisions appear to be very similar, intact the NFC North remains intact with the current division set-up. Some longstanding divisional match ups will be faltered, but new ones could be started. Will we see a switch to something like this in the upcoming years? We will wait and find out. Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 4.29.34 PM
Here’s how the new and improved divisions would look:
AFC North: Bills, Giants, Jets, Patriots

AFC South: Buccaneers, Dolphins, Jaguars, Falcons

AFC East: Bengals, Browns, Colts, Steelers

AFC West: 49ers, Chargers, Raiders, Seahawks


NFC North: Bears, Lions, Packers, Vikings

NFC South: Cardinals, Cowboys, Saints, Texans

NFC East: Eagles, Ravens, Redskins, Panthers

NFC West: Broncos, Chiefs, Rams, Titans