Richie Incognito Bashes His Own Ferrari With Baseball Bat

As if NFL teams didn’t need another reason not to sign free-agent Richie Incognito to their rosters, he has happily provided us with yet another. We all know of his anger management issues which has done him justice including having the Ram’s release him and the whole Jonathan Martin situation, but this?

TMZ brought the incidents attention to Sargent Mark Clark of the Scottsdale Police Department Wednesday afternoon.

“They provided us with a photo of a damaged car and reported it to belong to Mr. Incognito, and they gave us an address,” Clark said. “We went out there and checked to see if there was a damaged car there. There was no car and no one answered the door.

“We went out there again this morning and we were able to contact Mr. Incognito and he reported that he damaged his own car and didn’t need any police help or report.”


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