Les Miles Gets Lil’ Boosie To Help Him Recruit

LSU head coach Les Miles does it again. They don’t call him the Mad Hatter for nothing, Les used rapper Baton Rouge’s own Lil Boosie to help recruit middle school and high school kids to come play college football at LSU. Boosie also tells kids from the Lousiana area to stop going to rival Alabama.
Some of the best quotes Lil Boosie uses in the pitch to high school kids are:
“First, I want to talk to all the kids in high schools—all the stars. Go on and come to Baton Rouge, man. Go on and put on that yellow jersey, man.”
“We ain’t getting all the recruits like we used to—that’s shaking up the scene. We need to bring back the No. 1 players and get it back together, man.”


(H/T Barstool Sports)