Top Ten NFL Draft Bust

With the NFL Draft fast approaching all the talk surrounding the Draft is which guy is a bust and which guy can be a steal. But lets be honest, not Mel Kiper Jr., not Mike Mayock, not Todd McShay actually know who is going to be great and who is not. I mean after all, wasn’t it Mel Kiper Jr. himself who said Jamarcus Russell was going to be one of the greatest QBs ever? Not a knock on Mel but just goes to show no matter how much of a ‘Draft Expert” he is, he really can’t say for sure, if this guy is going to be a bust or beast.

We took time to go back in NFL history and pull up 10 of the biggest NFL Draft bust in the history. Judging by this gallery, the Oakland Raiders really haven’t changed their draft approach throughout the years.

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