Mark Sanchez’s Thank You Letter

Mark Sanchez’s tenure with the New York Jets ended over the weekend when the team released it’s former starting quarterback to make room for Michael Vick. Sanchez led the team to two straight AFC championship games but in the last two previous years, Sanchez took a major step back and really was the laughing stock of the NFL.

Not a lot of Jets fans will lose sleep over Sanchez’s departure but that didn’t stop the artist formally known has “Sanchize” from thanking his fans, teammates and the New York Jets organization for his four years with the team.

Sanchez started 62 games for the Jets but never fully developed after his first two seasons, lead to a lot of fans calling for a new quarterback. His lowest point was the 2012 Thanksgiving game against the rival New England Patriots when Mark Sanchez ran into offensive lineman Brandon Moore’s backside which caused a fumble recovered by the Patriots and returned for a touchdown.