Has ESPN Suspended Darren Rovell From Twitter?

Darren Rovell usually puts out 10-15 tweets per day about things that people just don’t really have the need for.  But recently the loud mouth Rovell has been quiet ever since he put out a tweet about ticket prices at the Chicago Bulls playoff game. RovellTweet

The tweet was about court side seats at the Chicago Bulls playoff game against the Washington Wizards. Rovell tweeted a picture of a obese bulls fan sitting court side and Rovell tweeting “Cost of 2 courtside seats (to) tonight’s Bulls game is $5K (H/T @MitchKatz).”

Rovell later put out an apology tweet that many believe was forced upon him by the Worldwide Leaders in Sports. Many people believe that this also led ESPN to tell it’s Business Reporter to layoff twitter for a little bit or it could be a culmination of what Rovell did a couple of weeks ago.


Rovell responded to a tweet saying that he “would tell you that a swastika is just a way to build your brand ppl forget that.” by telling the user (@_neillam) that he “forwarded these comments to charles shipan at your university.” This led to backlash toward Rovell as many people called him out on it.

Nonethless, Rovell and his nonsense tweets have been quiet for the past couple of days and if you ask many people, they aren’t complaining.