Jim Kelly Officially Done With Chemotherapy

Jim Kelley has once and fore all defeated cancer. Kelly posted this photo to Instagram with the caption, “At 1pm today! Last Radiation.

IT IS FINISHED! GLORY TO GOD!!!! DONE! THANK YOU FOR PRAYING! #prayersforJK #kellytough” Kelly will finish the remainder of his treatments back at home, but as for the chemotherapy, it’s all done.

Here are some of the lasting images that account his road to beating the disease, finalizing with the video Kelly posted to Vimeo Wednesday showing him and his family leaving the hospital to a crowd of friends, family, and fans who awaited him with custom shirts and cheers.

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 5.51.39 PM

Here are some of the photos posted by Jim Kelly & his family during the Chemotherapy process!