Cristiano Ronaldo’s “Attempt” At Throwing A Football

A funny thing happened when the team took to the field: Ronaldo got a couple of passes under his belt. Jets teaching other players how to play football; now if only they could do that for their own players…

We’ve been told that Geno Smith is the quarterback of the future for the Jets. From the video, it looks like Ronaldo won’t be challenging him or newly signed QB veteran Michael Vick for the starting job anytime soon.

Portugal, which joins the U.S. in the “Group of Death,” will travel to Brazil shortly following a warm-up match against Ireland on Tuesday night.

Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 12.33.24 PM

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Despite slowly recovering from tendonitis in the patellar tendon of his left leg, Cristiano Ronaldo and Portugal resumed normal training at the New York Jets’ facility in Florham Park on Monday.