Johnny Manziel Pretends To Use A Stack of Money As A Phone

Johnny Manziel continues to do Johnny Manziel-like things.  A recent video on Instagram shows the Cleveland Browns quarterback palming a large stack of bills and pretending that it is a phone.

Warning: The video contains NSFW language.

At first glance, it looks like Johnny Football is holding roughly 10 to 20,000 worth of cash in his hand but after further review, it is a stack of $1.00 bills.  Manziel was in Houston over the weekend partying with Drake so it would make sense that something like this would pop up on the internet.

Manziel also posted a picture with TCU under-grad Colleen Crowley, the sister of Chandler Parson’s girlfriend Robyn Crowley. The two were seen walking into a nightclub together. Manziel uploaded the picture of him and Crowley with the caption “WAYYYY UP.” 

No word yet on how Manziel’s recent adventures will affect the Browns quarterback competition but one thing is for sure, Manziel’s recent antics are everything the Browns already know when they drafted the former Heisman trophy winner in last month’s 2014 Draft.