NFL Unveils New ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month’ Logo

The NFL has taken heavy criticism over the past couple of days after news broke that they would only suspended Ravens running back Ray Rice two games for assaulting his then fiance, now wife, Janay Palmer.

Twitter went wild, asking why Josh Gordon, who failed more than drug tests got suspended for a whole year, while Ray Rice who assaulted a female got away with two. People questioned the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell on their views against Domestic Disturbance.

People even went as far as to question, the Terrelle Pryor situation. Pryor was suspended the first five games of his career for his scandal Ohio State involving trading memorabilia, Pryor earned in exchange for free tattoos.

Chad Lakkis, of RipTen, mocked the NFL by revealing a new Breast Cancer Awareness Month logo that would perfectly describe how the NFL handled the Ray Rice situation.