Legends Football League QB Scores TD, Drinks Beer As Celebration

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Heather Furr ran out of cares to give earlier this month during a game against the Green Bay Chill.
Furr, quarterback of the LFL’s Chicago Bliss, rushed in a touchdown through a scrum of defenders.

Furr then proceeded to head towards to back of the end zone to where she celebrated by drinking a fan’s beer.

What is truly funny about the situation is that Busted Coverage’s Joe Konsey spotted the video, which unlike the NFL would be, the Legends League is quite proud of.

The league posted the video to YouTube with an “About” description shooting darts at Roger Goodell:
“Ever wonder why the NFL is called the ‘No Fun League’ while the LFL is considered the Rock n Roll football league? Could have something to do with players like Heather ROCKSTAR Furr scoring a touchdown then slamming down a fan’s beer!”

“Drinking a beer after a touchdown is a move I personally reserve for the family Turkey Bowl. Like the Legends League, I play for the love of the game. The only paycheck I cash is for a strained groin and potato salad. I earned that victory beer” Furr stated.

This one play epitomized the true purpose of organized sports: having fun while promoting the sale of alcohol. Thank you Heather Furr, the Johnny Manziel of the LFL.

(H/T Bleacher Report)