FSU Lets Fans Ask Jameis Winston Questions On Twitter, Ends In Absolute Disaster

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When will someone realize that the Twitter Q&A’s NEVER work? Really.
We saw the absolute social media embarrassment of NCAA commissioner Mark Emmert earlier this year, and now we have Jameis’. I honestly think of the thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of tweets sent out using the #AskJameis hashtag sent, not one of them was a legitimate football question. But who would know, we were dying reading the funny ones, which were mainly, well… all of them.
It may have been a good thing that the FSU Hiesman Trophy Winning QB didn’t have a chance to read the fee and answer back to his “fans.”
We found a quite a few hilarious ones which follow:
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 Here are 20 more of just some of the plethora of hate that rushed upon the FSU Football Twitter account:
1. Do you consider yourself as Kobe Bryant or more of a Ben Roethlisberger type of athlete/rapist?
2. Who protects you better the FSU offensive line or the Tallahassee Police Department?
3. Have you ever considered Rosetta Stone to help with your speech impairment?
4. Did she say no because she can’t understand your English, or did you rape her because she said no?
5. How far ahead do you plan your sexual assaults/thefts in advance?
6. Of all the coaches you have played for over the years, why did you steal those crab legs?
7. If the cashiers at the grocery store are in a zone defense and you’re running the read option, what do you do with the crab legs?
8. What are the kinds of qualities you look for in a potential sexual assault victim?
9. What was a bigger hurdle to overcome, Auburns defense or the white woman’s pepper spray?
10. Which did you find harder to open, the legs of the crabs or the non-consenting women?
11. Train A leaves Tallahassee going 75 mph at 6AM. Train B leaves Gainesville going 60mph at 6 AM. Why did you rape that girl?
12. When Publix shows man coverage at checkout, what happens if you don’t see the manager drop in safety help over the top?
13. Bro you went undefeated on the field. And also in the court room. Do you consider yourself the next OJ?
14. Why did you steal crab legs when most girls on FSU’s campus would have given you crabs for free?
15. Favorite animated crab: Sebastian from “The Little Mermaid” or Mr. Krabs from “Spongebob Squarepants”?
16. If Sally has three dollars and she gave William one dollar, does William rape Sally?
17. Are the rumors true that you have a chest tattoo in old English script that reads “Can’t Rape The Willing?”
18. If you could shoplift your dream dinner what would it be?
19. Whos gonna translate for you in court?
20. Not many Heisman winners can win back to back, but do you feel you can get away with rape again this season?