The Best Madden GIFerator’s On The Internet

Madden 15 was released last month and many people say it’s the most realistic Madden game yet, but don’t they say that every year?

But recently the Madden 15 game has been suffering from tiny football glitches and guys been somehow thrown 30 yards down the field, something that contradicts the whole “realistic” side of the game.

Madden 15 also includes some awkward celebrations which led EA Sports to create the Madden GIFerator: a website where fans can go to create your own captioned GIF by choosing an animated player doing some type of celebration and backgrounds, then adding your own text.  EA has banned profanity but people have found their way around that judging by these hilarious captions.

Here are some of the best ones we came across around the internet:

[imagebrowser id=132]

(H/T Reddit and Imgur)