Pictures Of Adrian Peterson’s Son’s Beating Wounds Emerge

The correct way to discipline your child is always a murky and controversial topic. Many people that physically beating a child in regard to punishment is an ill serving and unnecessary way to instill a lesson, and in some cases worthy of jail time. Others who have grown up accustom to physical harm as a means of punishment see no wrong, as it was used on them as a child.
Last week arguably the leagues best player other than a quarterback, Vikings RB Adrian Peterson turned himself in after his four-year-old son indirectly went to the police after being beaten by a “switch” or thin tree branch repeatedly over the lower extremities. This comes after a long line of domestic violence occurrences with many star players around the league and of course in the wake of the tapes of Ray Rice beating his then fiancĂ© to unconsciousness in an Atlantic City elevator earlier this year.
Though deactivated by the Vikings, according to sources Peterson will serve no jail time and could be back with the team as early as this week.



Note these photos were taken four days after the beating occured.
Opinions on the Ray Rice situation dramatically switched when the tape of the incident was released, and these pictures may do the same. What’s your thoughts on whether Peterson took physical punishment of his son too far? Feel free to leave a your opinion in the comment box at the bottom of the page.
(Images via CBS Radio Houston, Houston Police Department)