Brutal Bathroom Brawl Breaks Out At Levi Stadium

A brutal bathroom brawl broke out between 49ers fans at Levi Stadium last Sunday during the San Francisco 49ers vs. Kansas City Chiefs game.

The fight allegedly started when two men were fighting over who was first in line for the bathroom stall. Two men were taken to the hospital while two others were arrested and charged with felony assault charges according to the San Jose Mercury-News.

The condition of the victims are unknown at this point in time.


  1. 20 years ago you would’ve never seen this in the niner fan base. Its no coincidence that its a group of Hispanics. I grew up in Cali and in my experience about 90% of the time its minorities acting like this. Id be willing to bet money half or more in that bathroom are illegal aliens and shouldn’t even be here.

        • which native americans? The Anishabe claim their people have lived in these lands for over a billions years. The Piqout claim that a giant oak tree had sex with the god of fire and gave birth to their people so long ago that the number can not be counted… then again we have fossil records of transient natives with 67 unique gene pools, and that doesn’t include the central and south american native pools, with the closest tracing being about 65,000 BC…so tell em again, WHICH natives? As far as I’M concerned >I< am by DEFINITION, a NATIVE American because I was born right here in the good'ole USA, if i'd been born in canada i'd be a Native Canadian….

          • ok then by that definition so am I, but you know what I mean, cmon we’re both grown ups and we know what we’re talking about, no need to beat around the bush and get technical. My point is you and I may be born here, but our original family bloodline was not from here… We all come from immigrant families at some point..

        • I’ll bet you think the “native” americans all built campfires every night and smoke peace pipes while the unicorns danced in bountiful forests and the eagles flew over head shitting rainbows.
          Might interest you to know that your idealized native americans killed, raped and tortured their own kind over land and resources too.
          But hey, fuck reality amiright?
          And one more thing about that straw man. No white people like white criminals either. They get called all sorts of names too. So get off your fucking high horse. It never existed in the first place.

    • Hispanics are not a minority in California. so you’re just an idiot who talks shit without checking sources… typical though.. it’s not your fault though, blame your parents for not raising you right

          • Unfortunaetly this graphic includes Eastern European Minority groups as part of the larger “Caucasian American” population. I guess those immigrants don’t count because they for the most part entered this country legally. Also, the only part that really matter is BigWill’s statment “blame your parents for not raising you right” since most of these hooligans most likely don’t even know their fathers name. You’re accusing a commentor of something that wouldn’t even be in their power to affect, all while ignoring an obvious social impact of the very thing that caused this thread.

          • All of caucasian americans are eastern european.. nobody is from here except the less than 1% of native american population as it shows… thats what people don’t understand, is they tell people to get out and go back to their country, but HELLO!!! White european people started the illegal immigrant trend back when they came here and took the land from its original inhabitants..

          • also is it any coincidence that the south west states’ names are all in spanish? we are living in a land built by Mexicans. I get it though, the original European settlers had bigger guns and drew Mexicans and native americans out but THIS is not your land, this is not where you are from..

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      • I find it thoroughly amusing that 2 sentences, not even aimed at you, and you attack me with name calling. Is it because you feel guilty over your own racism and homophobia? Or maybe you’re just projecting your own “special” behaviors onto me as your continued hate in the form of misogyny?

        • No, and no. Not sure what racism and homophobia have to do with anything? Do you bring that up because you lack the ability to show intelligence and break out of your usual retarded liberal bullshit, im curious? Your original comment was so stupid, I had no choice but to call you a fucking retard…that still stands lol

          • My comment was in reference to 3 of the 4 original posts made on this thread. You came in a bit late to the conversation and decided to shit all over something you have NO knowledge about. I also see you lack intelligence and compassion by using words that are inappropriate (see Are you just a hater of children with learning disabilities? Or are you the all around hater you appear to be as a racist, homophobe, misogynist, et al? I’m curious.

          • Whats wrong with freedome of speech. I have a question for you lol. why do you people play the Racist and and homophobe words when neither are in play here? Please explain. is that all you have? Is that a lack of intelligence problem, that makes you go to the “R” card and “H” card because you cannot handle a conversation? And No, I do not hate anyone, just people who are against free speech and go out of there way to show how retarded they are by responding lol

          • no actually that’s what YOU’VE been saying. and that’s what he was pointing out. I’m not sure if you truly don’t realize it or just really don’t understand.

          • I never pointed to anyone in particular. I made a generalized statement about the tone of the posted comments. You are the ones attacking me with your vulgarity and hate because of two little sentences. I think I hit a little too close to the truth about you hateful pigs and that’s why you can’t let it go.

        • Sandra IDIOTS like you are why this country is completely ass backwards. You’re gonna sit there and say words on the internet are worse than drunken idiots fighting over line position in the bathroom. And they’re in the same category as people that are beheading others over religious nonsense.. You are a real dingbat and I pray you aren’t married.

          • Happily married with intelligent and compassionate children, just like me. And I hope if you ever have anything crawl out from your loins, it isn’t like you in any way.

        • question: (and it’s a serious one) do you think that because you adopt a snarky attitude it makes you correct? I think you must be one of those liberals with their head so far up their ass they think that homophobia and racism is the same as some barbaric piece of shit vermin in a desert sawing someone’s head off with a dull machete. Oh wait. You ARE.
          Do you even think before you speak? Of course not. You probably never had to earn anything in your life so why should spend one moment to consider the words coming out of your priveleged little pie hole.
          Now let me predict your reply if any:
          It will consist of an ad hominem based on my vulgarity which in your mind actually validates the notion that I can’t possibly have just put forth a valid argument. Yes. Your type is in no short supply. The ironic thing is YOU are just as bigoted as the people you hurl your epithets at. Typical liberal.

          • Project much? You are the one who used an abusive ad hominem, and then turned right around and became verbally abusive. I don’t need to comment on your vulgarity since you already know it exists but insist on attempting to justify it anyway. So here is a serious question for you: Did you think that by jumping in and adding another vulgar opinion to the mix that your little friends were incapable of beating up a woman on their own? Is yours and their masculinity that fragile that you have to gang up and continue to attack an educated and intelligent woman?

  2. Fact of matter is Hispanic did throw first punch, here’s area more facts!!
    Prisons are mostly made up of anything else other than whites. Here is another fact, I’m safer in a white subdivision than any other. Coincidence? I think not!

  3. You guys are childish, every race does their own stupid shit, this particular one happens to be a group of Mexicans, a lot of people act stupid while intoxicated. Shit, i bet half of you guys making stupid comments act the same way because you’re ignorant and obnoxious while being sober

  4. And for all you white people saying Mexicans are “savage” who are the people shooting up schools?A good majority of the political figures consist of white males who destroy villages and kill people for pure self benefit a lot of that shit is covered up because its so horrid to even come out with, so tell me…who’s the real savages here?

  5. You know what the biggest social commodity is in America right now? White guilt. Enjoy it while you can because that card is running out of funds real fucking quick. I’m a third generation immigrant. My grandparents parents came over from Europe. Legally. They settled someplace and starved through harsh winters and lean harvests without resorting to crime.
    I’m third generation immigrant and people STILL expect me to feel guilty over manifest destiny. Or slavery. Just because I’m white. Well FUCK that. It ain’t gonna happen. I’ve endured more racism from the so-called minorities than I’ve ever seen any white people participating in.
    I’ve stepped between a black guy and fifteen angry fucking shithead tweakers that wanted to beat his ass just for being black. I paid a high price for it.
    I have sat in church after a hurricane with nothing but a suitcase to my name and the all black congregation won’t sit next to me. And the pastor looks me in the eye every time he says “white devil.”
    After the same hurricane I lived in one of the shittiest and most violent parts of Houston where every time I left my apt I got death threats. Show me one fucking place where a black has to put up with that in America. Where white people can just pull out a gun and point it at him and laugh.
    That place was the armpit of hell.
    There is a long fucking list of this kind of bullshit.
    But I was also given an honest refuge by a different black church. and there is also long fucking list of this kind of good stuff.
    What’s out of control is the constant straw man racism that occurs. 99 per cent of the time I hear a minority talk about prejudice it’s based on a feeling. Guess what. White guys don’t get everything they want either. Who do we blame? Don’t tell me because I would never stoop so fucking low in the first place.
    Respect goes both ways and if you are the kind of person who walks around thinking white people are discriminating against you. You’re gonna get excluded. Not because you’re black. Because you’re a fucking jackass who can’t be trusted.
    We have a black president now. The race card has insufficient funds. How many blacks do you think voted for Obama solely because he’s black? How many whites do you think did the same thing? I wish that in the afterlife I can sit with anyone who thinks that number isn’t ASTRONOMICAL and see that number revealed.
    You get away with ALL of this bullshit because of white guilt. A lot of us don’t have one single reason to let you get away with it.

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