Luke Kuechly Ejected For Swinging At Referee (VIDEO)

During Sunday afternoon’s blowout loss to the Green Bay Packers, Panthers LB Luke Kuechly came out of a pile very angry, and when grabbed by the referee from behind, deciding to throw a disgruntled backwards elbow trying to shake him off. Unfortunately Kuechly didn’t know it was the ref who had grabbed him, and hung on for whatever reason, and he was flagged, and then ejected. The star will likely receive a fine for his actions even though it was with no map intent for trying to contact an official.

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  1. Luke should have stood up, turned around, and assessed the situation instead of swinging his arms. Lots of guys get flagged for unintentional stuff. The play’s over Luke, stop yanking your body around. If he did nothing, there would be no flag.

    • Let me know how you react next time you’re playing football at a professional level and after a pileup someone random grabs you from behind. The ref shouldn’t be putting his hands on him like that, especially from behind and then get mad that kuechly touched him.