Dallas Cowboys Fan Destroys Home After Redskins Beat Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys suffered just their second loss of the season last Monday night against the Washington Redskins that has left many Cowboys fans wondering if the team is going back to it’s old ways or if it was just a bump in a road in what has been a  very successful season for the team. 

The now 6-2, Dallas Cowboys came into Monday’s night game heavy favorites against a banged up Redskins team, led by third string quarterback, Colt McCoy. It was a tough defeat to swallow for Cowboys fans and what made it worse was seeing Tony Romo leave the game due to a back injury, in which he later returned late in the fourth quarter but did not look his usual self.  With that said, I don’t believe there is anyone who was taking the loss harder than this one Cowboys fan. 

Deadspin’s Samer Kalaf found this video of a man single handily destroying his living room in the aftermath of the game.  Nothing and nobody was safe, everything was destroyed including the kitchen counter.  The demolition started when he accidentally destroyed the coffee table and ended with the room looking like it was in an earthquake.

On the bright side, none of his friends were hurt during this sequence of events but I do fear for his friends life if the Cowboys end up 8-8.