Self Proclaimed “Last Jay Cutler Supporter Left” Burns Jersey

“I’m burning his jersey, but like Jay Cutler it’ll probably won’t even burn, It’ll probably just smolder and throw a couple interceptions.” But just like the Bear’s 2014 season, it did go up in flames.

Cutler threw a pair of INTs vs the complete demolishment against Green Bay Sunday night, finishing with a quarterback rating of a whopping 6.0. That marked his third passer rating below 50 in a row. Needless to say, the Bears have lost three straight and five of their last six, now last NFC North division. Oh, not too mention they are one of the only teams in NFL history to allow back to back games of their opponents scoring 50+ points.

One more of Chicago’s faithful took a more even-headed approach, literally burying his Cutler jersey along with five others until the Bears reach a playoff game — a feat that hasn’t been repeated since 2010.