Life-Long Washington Redskins Fan Burns All His Gear

Times are tough for Washington Redskins fans. The team is 3-7, the future of the quarterback position is yet again mystery and once again, there’s videos like this popping up on the internet. 

This life-long Redskins fan, who claims he grew up rooting for the team, is officially done with the team. By showing that he has chosen to burn all his Washington Redskins gear except anything that is Art Monk related. 

Steve Taylor of Silver Spring, Maryland spoke with the Washington Post and explained his actions: 

“It’s not just one thing; it’s been building up over a decade. [Sunday], the way it unfolded for me, I just lost it. I just couldn’t deal with it. I’ve got too many other hobbies. It ruins my Sundays for me, and I just lost it for about 90 minutes there.”