New York Giants Fan Burns His Eli ‘She-li’ Manning Jersey

The New York Giants have been an absolute disaster this season and officially hit rock bottom when they blew a 21-0 lead to the Jacksonville Jaguars and ended up losing the game, 25-24. 

Giants fans around the country are angry, so angry that they looking for the organization to just get rid of everyone, their hall of fame head coach, Tom Coughlin, their two time Super Bowl MVP, Eli Manning and General Manager Jerry Reese. 

But this one Giants fan decided to forget about the team having one of the worst offensive line’s in the NFL and horrible defense and decided to take his frustration out on Eli Manning by burning his jersey and calling him “She-li”. Now although there is blame to go around for the Giants, tough to put the majority blame on their quarterback. But he is the quarterback, so it’s fitting that the one idiot fan who wants to burn anything he paid his hard earned money on be a jersey of the team’s franchise quarterback.