Good Bye, RGIII (Candle In The Wind)

In 2012 the Washington Redskins traded a boat load of picks to the St. Louis Rams for the opportunity to draft Baylor sensation and reigning Heisman Trophy winner, QB Robert Griffin III and for the 2012 season, it sure had looked like the Redskins had found their franchise quarterback. 

But things have since then gone south after RGIII led the Redskins to the postseason, where he injured his knee in the playoff game against the Seattle Seahawks. After his sophomore year that had many believing RGIII was rushed back into action to his disaster 2014 season, where new head coach, Jay Gruden has one multiple occasions publicly blasted the franchise quarterback.

Many Redskins fans, who were one time believers and fans of Robert have begun to realize that the RGIII over 2012 is not coming back, well at least not in Washington. A youtuber, Jerry Negrelli has created a parody song from the famous Elton John song, “A Candle In The Wind” dedicated to saying his goodbye to Robert Griffin III.