Breenan Clay Leaks Texts Between His Wife And DeMarco Murray’s Alleged Affair


Former Oklahoma Sooners RB Brennan Clay is accusing his former Sooners teammate and current Dallas Cowboys running back, DeMarco Murray of having an affair with his wife, Gina Gina D’Agostino and while Murray was having a field day against the Bears last night, Clay released ‘sexts’ that were sent to Gina allegedly from Murray.

Clay1 Clay2

What makes this story even more f–ked up is that Clay is taking care of Gina’s kids. Clay then later tweeted out more proof that the text messages were indeed sent by Murray even though the caller id in the cell phone has Murray listed as “Spray Tan”


On top of all these allegations from Clay, he still watched DeMarco Murray  aka “Spray Tan” run all over the Chicago Bears last night and could resist but tweet about it.


Brennan Clay has filed for divorce from Gina. Stay tuned to see what else Clay releases.