Brandon Browner Absolutely Demolishes Ladarius Green

During the later minutes of the 3rd quarter in the Patriots vs Chargers SNF game, Brandon Browner laid what could be one of the best hits of this NFL season on Chargers WR Ladarius Green, who was focusing on trying to catch the pass rather than seeing Browner approaching.
The play warranted a play for helmet to helmet contact which the replay showed nothing of, which negated a Patriots interception that should have stood. But as they say, “ball don’t lie” and Rivers was intercepted two plays later into the drive.

Even Green’s Wikipedia page got an update post game..



    • Can’t we all just get along, until the NFL contract is up, then kill each other, I don’t care.

      Roll Tide baby. Watch Ohio State find out what SEC football is all about. Smashmouth ass kicking in the Sugarbowl, then I expect FSU to somehow accidentally win another game against an overrated Oregon Duck team that plays in the Crap 12, where ALL the teams pretty much suck, so the one with the most dynamic QB that can throw and hit a guy on the dead run perfectly at least 3 out of 10 tries (Hey, in Baseball, that’s good.). Oregon has never learned that playing an SEC team means you have to bring your A-game, and a lot of padding in yer sphincter area. That’s ok, they will learn someday. Uhhh, nahhh, I take it back, Bama will win the whole thing and start another tradition of the SEC schools dominated the BCS, now it’s time to dominate this playoff thing, a bring one home for the gipper and the SEC.