Jets Fan’s Jersey Sums Up Season Perfectly

Anyone who watched football know thats Jets flat out stink. They have two turnover machines running the lack-luster offense, and the defense has fell off quite a bit. Whether its the the players, the coaching staff, or management, there will be some changes next year. But like every year, it most likely won’t help anything.  It’s comparable to rearranging the furniture in the Titanic. And just when Jets fans see hope in possibly drafting Jameis WInston, barring he’s still there during NY’s pick, its Jameis WInston people, a carnival of his own. At least this Jet’s fan can have a little fun with it…
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10305259_725151220914595_1706191318343992848_n(Photo via  Jay Busbee, Black Adam Schefter
The fans at today’s game are even sporting “Idzik must go” custom hoodies
 (Photo via The Cauldron