Budweiser Unveils Its 2015 Super Bowl Commercial

The Seattle Seahawks aren’t the only returning champion for this years Super Bowl. Budweiser returns for Super Bowl XLIX after being named the top commercial the past two big games. The company and it’s accompanying advertising agencies hit everyone in the soft spot when last year they introduced a pup into the mix of their signature clydesdale horses; and they aren’t shying away from it this year.

This year, their “Lost Dog” commercial sets itself around a story line of the ranchers puppy unknowingly hopping on a trailer, only to be deemed lost by his rancher. After returning to the farm, the puppy’s greeted by a wolf, who is scared off by of course, the pup’s “best buds,” the clydesdales.

Here’s a video showing how this year’s commercial was produced and made.

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