Marshawn Lynch Stiff Arms Camera After Super Bowl Loss To Patriots

The Seattle Seahawks left the world scratching their head after they lost Super Bowl XLIX in the most dramatic and questionable fashion to the New England Patriots. After a second and goal from the one-yard line, Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks thought the best option was not to give it to their Beast, Marshawn Lynch but instead let Russell Wilson throw the ball which led to a game-ending interception. 

After the game, reporters tried to get Marshawn’s opinion on the play call, which is pretty stupid considering Lynch doesn’t give the media anything on a good day. After a reporter tried to ask Lynch a question, Beast Mode used his famous stiff-arm to block away the camera, yes the famous stiff-arm that he could have used if Seahawks let him run it in. 

Lynch left the stadium with a smile on his face but one can only imagine what was going to his mind as he watched his team cough up a Super Bowl. As for the media, what made the reporters think Marshawn Lynch was going to talk after the way Super Bowl XLIX ended?