Colin Kaepernick Puts A Twitter Troll With Eight Followers On Blast


Athletes and celebrities are usually the target of trolls on social media and for the most part they are ignored or confronted by fans of that athlete or celebrity but in this case, 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick decided to fire back at this Twitter troll and oh did he ever.

After Colin Kaepernick tweeted out that he had just worked out and did a two hour study session, a twitter troll who happened to have only eight followers [pointed out by Kaepernick] decided to troll the 49ers quarter back with a response:


The response didn’t sit well with Kaepernick and instead of ignoring the troll, Kaepernick decided to fire back with a serious of vicious tweets:




Since Kaepernick put the troll on blast, he has gained more than 8 followers. So one must ask, who is the real winner of this encounter?

Kaepernick, did struggle this past season as the San Francisco 49ers missed the playoffs last season and eventually led to the departure of Jim Harbaugh.  This might not be the last time Kaepernick is the victim of a troll tweet from someone.