Video Surfaces Of Marshawn Lynch Giving A Strong Anti-Violence Speech In Oakland

TMZ has dug up a video of a speech given by Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch during a 2014 rap show in Oakland. Lynch delivers a strong and ‘NSFW’ speech about anti-violence. 

The Seattle Seahawks running back speaks from the heart, saying that he plays football for his supporters in Oakland but he can’t continue to play for the city of Oakland if there’s no one left to represent due to the high crime rate in the inner city where Marshawn spends the majority of his offseason training and doing charity work.

Here’s the full transcript of Lynch’s speech:

While I’m doing my thing, representing y’all, I remember you m———–s. … I’ve been losing too many of y’all, but I love representing where I’m from on the national m————g stage, to be able to give y’all something to represent….let y’all young n—–s who really out mobbing, doing what the f—k they doing, let them know that we need to be here for each other. So when we got somebody from here reppin’ for this m———-r, we still here for this m———-r.

The speech was a authentic and represent exactly what and who Marshawn Lynch is as he told people from one of the most dangerous cities in the United States to stop the. Marshawn, who was heavily scrutinized by the media by refusing to talk and answer common sense questions during the football season actually opened up and talked about things that matter in his life and not just things people want him to say. 

Don’t retire, Beast Mode.