Eagles Fan “EDP” Is Back Ranting About Tim Tebow Working Out For The Eagles

Earlier this month, the Philadelphia Eagles and Chip Kelly worked out free agent quarterback Tim Tebow that made the twitter world go on a frenzy. 

Eagles fans, who by now I’m sure aren’t surprised at anything Chip Kelly does, were actually pretty surprised that Tim Tebow was being associated with their team. Now remember, the Eagles already have Sam Bradford, who like Tebow is a Heisman Trophy Winner, they also have former Jets quarterback and Tebow teammate, Mark Sanchez on their team too. So I’m sure a lot of Eagles fans were thinking about that Jets team when this news broke. 

In the end, the workout was just that, a workout and no contract was signed up until a few days after when it was reported that if the Eagles could trade current third string quarterback, Matt Barkley that the team would indeed sign Tim Tebow. Well, Barkley is still an Eagle and that workout was still, just a work out. 

But that didn’t stop that Eagles fan and famous YouTube-r from going on another “Not Safe for Work” rant about his thoughts on the Eagles even remotely considering working out Tim Tebow. 

One can only imagine what his reaction would be if the Eagles actually did sign Tim Tebow.