Darrelle Revis Attacks Instagram Troll But Claims His Account Was Hacked

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Darrelle Revis was a major factor in helping the New England Patriots capture their 4th Super Bowl during his one-year stint with the team. While some people say it was Revis that propelled the Patriots over the top, other people believe that it was Bill Belichick and Tom Brady that deserve the majority of the credit and Revis should be thanking them.

Well if you are one of those people that think that, Revis has a message for you.

Revis, who signed a 5-year, $70 million dollar contract with the New York Jets this offseason got into it with a troll on his Instagram account over the weekend. When the troll tried to give the former Patriot a piece of his mind, Revis responded in a very unprofessional and “NSFW” way.

Shortly after the argument with the Instagram troll went viral, Revis took to twitter to claim his account has been hacked: