Concept Logos For Some Of The NFL’s Biggest Stars

EXCLUSIVE: DailySnark brought you the design projects, NFL x NBA Logo Mashup, NFL x MLB Logo Mashup, NFL Stars as Super Heroes and is back with more. We’ve designed concept logos for 22 of the NFL’s biggest stars.


Graphic designer Brandon Hubschman composed logos for some of the biggest stars in the NFL, from any position, quarterback to cornerback. You can see more of Brandon’s NFL design work on his Bēhance page.


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Aaron Rodgers coming off an MVP season was a must to start. The logo draped with those classic Packers colors features a large R which is formed by Rodger’s number, 12. The base consists of a mustache which the QB brings out during the season’s winter months, of course with the cheese accents.
JJ Watt Rendered
Arguably the best player in football, the fan favorite JJ Watt was another priority. His logo is simple yet clever, featuring his 99 number combined with dual J’s.

Dez Bryant
Newly resigned WR Dez Bryant got a intricate logo composed of two 8’s, forming a large cross, his well-known TD celebration, while at the same time forming smaller crosses throughout the design.
Richard Sherman
The league’s most intimidating cornerback got an icon to match. The nighthawk inspired design consists of Richard Sherman’s initials ‘RS’, while at the same time forming his jersey number, 25. The up to no good Seahawk was a nice touch as well, keeping in mind he’ll most likely be locked up in Seattle for years and years to come as an anchor for the leagues best defense.
Last year’s rookie sensation got a logo that captured arguably the best catch in NFL history, predictable yes, but how could you not. The catch’s silhouette forms a ‘K’ in “Beckham’ while the B is formed by the number 13.
Calvin Johnson
Calvin Johnson’s logo was also another classic, it’s his nickname for sake. The leagues best WR got the Megatron treatment with the ‘C’ and ‘J’ initials catered in that Lion’s blue along with the 81.
Tom Brady
Tom Brady’s logo is as cool as he is. The all-encompassing design features the ‘TB’ of course while forming a 12 at the same time. The laces on one of sections is representative of his position as well as his rings, all four of them.
Ndamukong Suh
Newly signed Dolphins free-agent Ndamukong Suh’s design was representative of his style of play. The large blocks mimic the hole clogging nature of his game, along with his gigantically beefy  6’4″ 307lbs. frame. The shapes of the pieces making up the letters are symbolic of the waves of Miami’s beaches.
Andrew Luck
Perhaps this upcoming season’s MVP, Andrew Luck’s logo is simple, yet effective. His number 12 combined with the 4-leaf clover provides for a classic, humble statement, reflective of the young QB’s personally.
Anotnio Brown
We had some fun with Antonio Brown. The leagues most exciting WR’s famed play came early last season when he kong-fu style drop kicked a punter during a kick return. This play replays itself through the design.
Darrelle Revis
QB’s around the league know not to throw anywhere near Revis Island. This logo was a must, featuring a Jet green helmet with a symbolic island perched atop.
Tony Romo
Tony Romo, very quietly had one of the best years of any QB, or player for that matter last season. Romo’s logo features a sharp design of a combined ‘T’ and ‘R’ with a partial Cowboys star in the center.
Jimmy Graham
Jimmy Graham is sure to make a huge impact on the tight end-less Seahawks’ offense. The all-pro former basketball player is known for his explosive goal post dunks, which were notably banned last season after Graham titled a goal post during a dunk following a TD in postseason game vs the Falcons.
Adrian Peterson
Adrian Peterson is still arguably the best running back in the league, and one of the all time greats. The sharp logo embodies his sharp cutting downfield style. The ‘A”s negative space forms the ‘P’ of his last name.
Peyton Manning
Peyton Manning’s worn his number 18 his entire career, so it was important to keep this one simple, focusing on only his initials and number.
Marsahwn Lynch
The logo of Marshawn Lynch was arguably the most dynamic of the group. The ‘B’ of Beastmode is the focal point, but breaks into an ‘M’ and ‘L’ separated by cuts and colors.
Big Ben rendered
Big Ben has a spectacular year during the 2014-2015 season after underperforming the year previous. His nickname was essential to this logo as it features my artistic impression of the famous bell tower accented with the hard, cold steal finish of the letters.
Demaryus Thomas
Demaryius Thomas’s as Peyton’s favorite target with his years in Denver was the inspiration behind this logo. The target resembling form included a lowercase ‘d’ and ‘t’ while also forming his number 88.
Rob Gronkowski
Gronk’s was a fun one. The Gronk Spike was a must in which his silhouette sits upon a large ‘G’, that’s arm contains the ‘R’ alluding to his first name.
DeMarco Murray
Demarco Murray was on pace to shatter records last season as the Cowboys fed the ball to him game after game. After singing with the Eagles this offseason, his logo features a widespread form, symbolizing the wings of an eagle, with the right side of the teams logo making up the negative space of the ‘M’.
Jaamal Charles
Jamaal Charles was perhaps 2nd to Murray as last season top rusher. His logo is constructed by a combined ‘J’ and ‘C’ with his number 25 cut out in the middle.
Vontae Davis
And lastly Vontae Davis, one of the leagues top cornerbacks. Solidifying the Colt’s D, I wanted a strong, rigid feeling logo. The design features his number 21 on the left side which flows into the initials ‘VD’ of his name.