Designer Creates Concept Logos For Upcoming Super Bowls

NFL Memes and DailySnark designer Brandon Hubschman is at it again.  He has brought us sports logo mashups and other projects alike, and this is his latest project. You can see more of Brandon’s on his Bēhance page.

The Super Bowl logo has seen a transition from a creative form to a figurative stencil that’s Roman Numeral and stadium graphic simply are swapped out every year…

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 3.42.55 PM-750x318

Realizing this, he decided to take on the task of designing new hypothetical logos for the fore-coming two Super Bowls. (Note: The NFL will switch from the long standing Roman Numeral distinquishment to numbers starting with Super Bowl 50.)

Super Bowl 50 Concept Identity Rebrand

Super Bowl 50 will be played at Levi’s Stadium and hosted by San Francisco and the greater bay area. In order to capture this, he created a composite logo using the negative space of both the ‘5’ and the ‘0’ as an opportunity to use the Golden Gate Bridge in the design. The logo will be gold, both as a change from the usual chrome designs used for the logos, being that its the 50th anniversary game, as well as the symbolism for the “Golden Gate” Bridge.

Below is the logo as well as various print applications such as programs and tickets using the concept design.

(Click images to view in high resolution)

Super Bowl 50throwaway

Sb 50 combo copy copy

SB 50 Program

SB 50 Ticket


Ticket hand copy

SB 50 Ball

SB 50 banner4

HDR tonemapped

SB 50 banner 6

SB 50 banner final

SB 50 banner 5

SB 50 banner3 revised

Super Bowl 51 Concept Identity Rebrand 

Super Bowl 51 is set to be played in NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas. The inspiration behind this logo was to capture as many references to Texas as well as including ones from the Super Bowl itself. Drawing from the the quote “everything is bigger in Texas,” Hubschman wanted the text to be highly dimensional, catering to a full-bodied logo. The negative space in the lower porton of the ‘5’ is made from the shape of the state, and the ‘1’ is ofcourse, the famed Vince Lomardi Trophy. Both were used in which I belive was subtle enough to where they were realized after the number ’51’ itself.

SB 51

SB 51 Ball

BS 51 Program

Sb 50 combo
SB 51 Ticket

ticket hand 2

SB 51 banner 1

SB 51 render last

SB 51 bannerff

sb 51 banner 2

Which was your favorite? 50 or 51? Feel free to let us know below!