Boston TV Host Says Someone Should Murder Roger Goodell Live During Broadcast

It’s safe to say Patriots fans are a bit salty towards the league and (the devil in their eyes) Roger Goodell about the “whole deflate gate” situation. Lets be real, everyone’s kinda over it. They can’t prove Brady did anything but he did something. It’s as simple as that. Nobody destroys their cellphone on the reg, and anyone who believes that belongs in a mental institution. Incase you read that wrong here’s an actual address for a mental institution in Boston. 30 Warren St, Boston, MA 02134. Feel free to use it.

From “Free Brady T-shirts, to “Roger Goodell sucks!” chants (which we can all agree on), we’ve seen it all…or so we thought. One Boston broadcaster took it to a whole new level by not only suggesting, but flat our saying someone needs to be hired to murder Roger Goodell. That’s one way to get fired I suppose.